Friday, December 4, 2009


I haven't updated for so long.
Like sooooooo long.

Neither did chris, but she cheated.

I've been reading all these classic and fantasy novels that I've started to speak english weird.
I said thou art to my sis.
Now I'm reading mindless bimbo novels to get my english modern again.

OOOOOOH I have BIG news.
My parents FINALLY think that I'm big enough to take care of myself.

Now I'm allowed to walk to the library, Choice Super Mall and anywhere I want actually, as long as it's within a 3 km radius of our house.
And of course, as long as I'm with bro.

My parents also allowed me to go watch movies alone with friends.
So I went out that day with Leena, Chris, Al and Chooey.

When my mum said yes, I kinda stopped and was like What??? Repeat???

So shocked beyond reason I tell you.

But I dunno if I can go out again =(
I can't push them too far.

Have to take baby steps, lol.

Anyway, going to KL soon.
Worked for my mum, so got a bit of money to spend.
So happy.
I was seriously broke, like only 50 bucks left for the rest of the hols.

THANK GOD my mum was in a generous mood.

I just read DGM.
I lovelovelovelove DGM.
DGM is awesomeee.
As soon as the series ends, I'm, gonna go kill Katsura Hoshino.
The mere mention of her name annoys me so much.
But her manga is just too genius!!!

Betsy the cao wants steak.
Betsy hasn't spoken to Bil for so long.

Un Sospiro i love!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


When I saw this, I was like... DUH.
What else do you love people with.
Your butt?

Bad mood bad mood.

Never wonder why I left.
Look in the mirror.

Wah, how abstract of me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aiyoooo. Liddat oso can ka?

Well, it's been a hell of a year. After all that studying and stress, PMR is now finally over.
I've been anticipating this since UPSR ended. And when I came home after the exam, there was no excitement, no hurrahs no nothing.

I just fell on my bed and slept through the day.


Because I am Osama bin Laden's right-hand man and everyone is out to get me.

I still don't get why my parents are so paranoid.
If I can't go out, sure, whatever.

But no sleepovers, no hanging out with friends?
Oh come on.
It's not like they gonna get robbed the night I stay there right.
I mean, there IS a small chance, but there is a bigger chance of me slipping on the bathroom floor and hitting my head and dying.
They might as well make me do my business in the bushes.



Thank god there's nana.
For living so near.

Thank god there's manda.
For being in RC with me.

Thank god there's chris.
For always being online.

Thank god for everyone.
Who reads this post.

Are you bored?
I am.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's really plain though, just white tiles, but hey.
No more loud noises.
So who cares xD

Monday, August 24, 2009

*stabs heart*



1. She can't watch tv cos the bathroom she shares with the siblings is being renovated, and the tv is like right outside.

2. One of her favourite mangas (admittedly a very cliché shoujo manga) just ended. She liked the ending, but there will be no more!!

3. D. Gray Man will take forever to update. Once she finds out where the author lives, the author will so pay for giving mierah such pain. (after she finishes the manga, of course)

4. She can't eat. It's not like mierah is hungry. It's just that to her, eating is like... bobbing your head when you listen to michael jackson, or teasing clar. It's just SOMETHING THAT SHE DOES. Especially on a hot afternoon, lying down on the living room sofa, in school uniform, munching chips. WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHH.

In short, I'm just bored, cos usually, I just lie down and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, until I fall asleep.

I can't sleep without eating so yeah.

Plus a certain Amanda Lee is not picking up her phone and since Eleena is in KL, it's too expensive to call her.
So my backup hobby of calling those two is gone too.


I'm gonna go rediscover photoshop.
Babye people!

I shalt try to post more often.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Did you guys know?

That Zack and Cody are 17??

I just found out a few seconds ago.

Holy shit.
I was so sure that they were younger than me.
They're my bro's age!!

Trauma, trauma.

Head hurts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cough cough.

I am sick.
Therefore I am skipping exams.
I bet my classmates are hating me right now.
Actually, I'm not THAT sick.
Just cough cough and high temperature with a bit of headache.
But since my immune system is wonky right now, dad's not letting me go to school because of H1N1.

Though this morning I was death-bed sick though.
Got better after I ate Panadol.

Hopefully I'm going to school tomorrow.
Dead scared of mock which is in two weeks.

Anyway, my birthday was somewhat depressing.
I got sick at the end of the day and was dumped at grandparent's house while parents and siblings went out.
Sad right?

The smses cheered me up though.
Thanks so much to those people who took time to wish me a very happy birthday.
Especially to those who smsed me at midnight.
And those who meant to but fell asleep.

Love you guys. <3

Friday, July 24, 2009



Watashino namaewa Betsy desu.

Mierah to yondene.

I ga itai.


Good evening.

My name is Betsy.

Call me Mierah.

I have a tummy ache.


Monday, July 20, 2009


PMR is in exactly two months and eleven days.
Panicking like hell.

Today, there was a test for agama class.
It was about the sirah and tamadun.
In other words, islamic history.

We were told to study ALL the sirah & tamadun chapters for PMR year.
So we did.
We studied non-stop in class.
I even studied during recess.
Me and Eleena freaked out during KH.
Last period ma.
The exam was held during luar sidang.

So after all that studying, we went to the surau.
It was locked.
So me and Eleena and Ezzah bought nyam nyam and sat there with the others to wait for 20 mins.
Then, when we finally got in.
The questions were written on the white board.
The questions were from the first sirah chapter.
And 0nly the first one.
I was like. f*****g h*ll.
All that studying. Was for nothing.

Breenaaaa I loooooveeee youuuu.

I looooooveee nana also!

I looooveeeee manda, and mimi, and and and and everyone (with a short form of their names cos I lazy write long long one)!!!!

I love the whole world, it's such a pretty place, bum-de-ah-dah

Stress is driving me crazy.
Or maybe it was the mushrooms I ate,

Now, on to stress relief.

Ignore everything after this sentence.

ZIRAFAH. So kiut. OMG.
Toad so ugly. UGH.
I wanna deer!

So I must work hard.
So I can get rich.
And buy myself a pony.
Have a pamelo farm.
Own a vineyard.
Build a white house with bronze giraffes at the gate.
Buy a humongous koi fish.
Buy lots and lots and lots of macadamia nuts.
And go out shopping with friends, duh.


Oh yeah, manda-manda didn't go school today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The bonker-ism is hereditary.

It was 9 in the morning, and I was sleeping peacefully.

Phone: *bum-de-ya-da song (ringtone)*
Me: Woke up and answered the phone. *yawn* hellooo?
Dad: *singing some song*
Me: .....bah? (I call my parents mama and abah. go on. laugh.) what the...
Dad: *continues singing*
-I hung up-
Phone: *I love the whole world, and all it's sights and sounds, bum-de-ya-da-bum-de-ya-da*
Me: Picks up phone. In half-dead mode.
Dad: *tolonglah bukak pintu, si anak* Sang to some malay song's tune. Dad changed the lyrics.
Me:...? huh. I wanna sleep. Go away.
-I hung up again-
Phone rings again.
Me: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad??
Dad: Open the door laaa. I sang for so long.

You see, every Saturday morning, daddy goes golfing at 6 a.m, usually returning around noon. He comes home early whenever my bro and I don't have extra activities to bring us to kopitiam for breakfast. He usually forgets the housekey. Usually we sleep until 10. So our kakak always opens the door. But today she was cleaning my parent's bathroom, so she couldn't hear him.
Hahahahhahaha. So kesian daddy.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
OMG so sad.

I cry liao.
First time I cried this whole year, and because of a movie.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


My bro went to watch transformers yesterday.
Wanted to follow, but was to chicken to ask parents since it was right after report card day.
Never mind la.
Next week my cousin bringing me to watch.

Love you kak Wana!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and Belly B's

So, I bet you all have heard by now that Michael Jackson's dead.
Poor guy.
I really like his song thriller.

Moving on to happier topics,

Don't you guys find belly buttons disturbing?
(Okay, maybe not a happy topic, but hey, it's not sad either.)
I mean like. It's a hole. On your tummy. With no use whatsoever.
It's like someone or something gouged out a chunk of flesh from your tummy.
It's weird. And to think that it used to be a hole. And that there was a tube there.
Very disturbing.

Yeah, weird.

Anyway, today was hari permuafakatan.
I hantar my bro to school with dad at 7, then go eat at kopi-o-korner. There, I saw St Joe students ponteng-ing. I know some of them. Tsk tsk. A bit before eight, dad and I set off to St 3. On our way to 3A1, we met Eleena and her mummy. We were the first two students to come. Then teacher asked me and Nana to go get drinks for the parents at the teacher's room. When we came up, Leena's mummy was already talking to teacher. Then when it was my turn, Ally came with her mummy and sat next to me and my daddy. The teachers were showing our parents our Segak scores, and we both got C. LOL.

Today wasn't that bad.

When I got home, I was forced to do math, but that was it.
A bit of scolding+nagging, but nothing much.

I expected my parents to blow up and send me to some boarding school in some mountains far far away where I'd be forced to milk goats and herd sheep for KK marks.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next year, a lot of people are leaving.
Leaving school,
Leaving Kuching,
Leaving me.


This reminds me of Sarah.
I feel sad =(

I miss you sarah!!

In a very good friend-way.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am dreading school.
Ugh the boredom of listening to teachers droning on and on and on about something or other.
Ugh the humid hot weather.
Ugh homework.
Ugh learning.

I only go to school for the food.
Fine. Friends too.
And because mumsy forces me to go.
Eh, wait. The goverment is the one who made school compulsory.

Only one kerja kursus left.
Working hard working hard.

Does anyone besides me thinks that Lily Allen's songs are like an acid trip?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ellooo lovies.

I'm finally back in kuching!!

Couldn't blog in Penang cos no free wireless at the hotel.
57 bucks for a day, what the hell.

At least there was a games room there. Played the football thing with dad.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand aaaaaaaaaaaand
On the beach summore.
Very nice le. If only the beach didn't smell like rotten fish and oil.

The beach there is naaaaasty.
Dunno why got so many arabians.
Can go parasailing or whatever its called there.
The arabian ladies do it while wearing their burkas(the black cloth they use to cover themselves).
My bro and I were like .........dude, awesome.

My sis made friends with this little blonde british girl called Sophie.
She's sooo cute!

Then my dad took me and my bro on a ferry ride.
Kinda dumb actually.
We drove all the way to Seberang Perai only to ride a ferry back to the island.
It was still fun though. The wind on the ferry was like WHHHHHHOOOOOOSH.

Then my dad brought me and my bro to some hill I forgot the name.
The view from the top was awesome.
We went up using a train.
Yeah, up a mountain.
Almost 180 degrees.
Though not that steep.
Maybe 145?

Anyway, the train was mad slow.
Like 60cm per minute.
I kid you not.
It was cramped like the LRTs in KL, with only 4 seats in each cabin.
So most people were standing.
Go up a mountain again.
The ride lasted 30 minutes.
If it wasn't for the breathtaking view and the cool mountain air, I would have jumped out of the window.

Theeeeeen dad brought my bro and me to The Ship.
Which is a steakhouse.
Conveniently located a block away from our hotel.
So we just walked there.

The next day we went to KL.

So beh la.
My bro and I can't stand the MAS smell.
But my parents like using MAS cos we get to wait and land in KLIA.
So, the whole trip, we went on an aeroplane four times.
All mas.
From Kuching to KL,
From KL to Penang,
From Penang to KL,
From KL to Kuching.

So by the time we landed in Kuching my bro and I were like HALLELUJAH.
Like seriously.
MAS aeroplanes have this *ugh* smell.
I have no idea what it is.
When we were kids, my bro and I used to bring candy wrappers on board and sniff them the whole journey just to not smell that *ugh* smell.
We really really really hate the smell.

We stayed at KL for only one night. -.-
Arrived at our hotel at 12 p.m saturday and flew back at 12 p.m sunday.
That was.. a very uneventful trip.

My parents wanted to eat at some restaurant and the ground floor, but my bro and I wanted to eat at Carl's Jr. which is at the top floor.
So my parents gave us some money for the food and left us there.
We were supposed to join our parents once we were done, but there my bro had other plans.
That idiot.
There was an indian convention hosted at the top floor.
And he wanted to go there.
Goodness knows why.
I was like.
"Are you like um.... STUPID?"
He then promised to give me ten bucks if I followed him there.
So I did.

It was kinda weird.
It was packed full of indians of course.
There was this indian girl singing on stage.
And they were selling stuff.
And they were doing some indian stuff.
They were talking the indian language which I forgot what it was called.
And there were very few people who were not indian there.
And the people there were like staring at us.
And I felt like diving into the saris sold at this one stall. (they were glittery)

Then daddy called us.
So we went outside.
I wanted to go to coffee bean, so we were going downstairs.
Then, we passed by a Nike shop.
You see, my daddy is obsessed with the brand.
Everytime he near a Nike shop he MUST go there.
So he dragged us into the shop.

And no, he doesn't buy the weird patterned ah beng-ish sweaters.
Just shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, caps, and bags for his sport equipments.
In short, my dad is crazy.

And he bought my bro a pair of shoes.
A very expensive pair of shoes.
But too bad for him, his money's wasted.
My bro hates, despises, shoes.
Especially ones with laces.
He's probably never gonna wear it unless forced.

My dad spoils my bro.
When my bro needed a shirt for his class dinner, dad brought him to the Spring and bought him a shirt from Bonia.
When I wanted clothes for a dinner, he brought me to upwell. -.-
We ended up buying chocolates.

Typed the above the day I got back from KL.
Saved it, but forgot to post it. Sorry, heh.

Um, baked choc chip cookies yesterday, and cinnamon cookies today.
Bro rated my choc chips 7/10. 8/10 for the cinnamon.
I love bro.


Sometimes I wish I hada mom who would listen and actually care about my problems.
I guess Eleena's my mum now.
Manda would be my dad cos she listens to my problems too..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday, 12.30 p.m

Flight got delayed. =(
Went to Coffee Bean while waiting for plane to arrive.
Ironically, they were out of coffee.
That's like KFC without chicken or Pizza Hut without pizza.
The place is called Coffee Bean for god's sake.
Wanted to buy cake, but there was a cockroach in the cake display case?/fridge.

Then Breena came. Her flight was the same time as mine, but different airline.
So we took out our laptops and played around. (Mine's the smaller one.)
After arriving at KLIA, we stayed there for one hour to eat and go toilet and all.
Then we set off to Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Daddy's hometown ma, balik kampung. On the way, there was an accident. A collision between a porton and a taxi. Almost half of the taxi was gone. The front half, thank god. No one died, I think, but a few were seriously injured. Ambulance came just as we were passing by.

This is Dell. No, he in not named after the computer brand. His real name is Kerdil. But Dil doesn't look nice, so Dell la. He's called Kerdil because last time he was so tiny. His hobby is gnawing on people's hands. He likes to pounce on me too. It doesn't really hurt when he bites, but looks scary. He likes to scratch too. Doesn't hurt. But still. He's like the favourite cat of everyone. No idea why. My sis adores him. Tuesday.

This is a little kitten I found next to my grandaunt's kopitiam. I gave it a bit of my beef rendang. My bro said it looks like a drug addict. So skinny. Poor kitty.
The adik was too scared to come close. The other one was too hungry to care.
I gave the adik a huge lump of beef. And now it agaks me whenever I go there to eat. That's the mummy. The mummy likes me. =)

This is the very old jalan kereta api. I didn't have time to take a good pic of the train station. =( Maybe this afternoon la.

I wanted to pics of the animals here, but didn't have a chance. Maybe next time.

I got a rash okay.
Cos I couldn't stand the heat.
Yeah, waaaaay hotter than Kuching.

Mosquitoes here damn big also.

Thank god for uncle Hock Huen's store and his endless supply of mosquitoe coils.

My grandaunt's beef rendang with pulut with teh ais is the best in the world.

Driving to Penang tomorrow.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jemmy Hirst
1738 – 1829

Picture 1-84

If you thought the previous entries were eccentric, you are in for a surprise. Jemmy (James) Hirst was so famous an eccentric in his own time, that King George III summoned him to tea. When he received the invitation, Hirst declined – stating that he was training an otter to fish. Eventually he did visit the King where he threw a goblet of water over a courtier who was laughing; Hirst believed the man was having a fit of hysteria. The King gave him a number of bottles of wine from the royal cellar. Jemmy loved animals and he trained his bull to behave like a horse. The bull (named Jupiter) would draw his carriage about the village and Hirst even rode him in fox hunts. Instead of dogs, he used pigs that he had trained as hunt dogs. He regularly blew a horn to invite the poor to his home for free food – which was served out of a coffin. When he died, he requested 12 old maids to follow his coffin to the grave, as well as a bagpiper and a fiddler to play happy music.


He rode his bull on fox hunts.

This guy topped the list of "10 Incredibly Eccentric People" from

Today RC had an Annual General Meeting.

I took a lot of pics, but lazy to upload.

Anyway, it was fun, quite fun.

At the end, me, Chuen, Emm, Cynthia and Rachel ordered Mc Flurries through the Mc Donalds delivery service.


Augh, the post so short.

But I have tummy ache, so I don't really care.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chris' tag.

I've been meaning to do this tag for a while now, but everytime I got close to doing it, I got lazy. so here it is now.

10 icons that in my opinion, represent me.
What I look like when exam comes.
Like seriously. If we ever run out of steak, I'm gonna go terminator mode.
Need I say more?

What my face looks like when I see carrots. And peas. And oysters.
School is my personal Alcatraz. And unfortunately, I am neither Frank Morris nor John Anglin.
Food is food for my soul. And my body. 
I can't draw for used teabags. I drew a cat once, and my bro thought that it was a tyrannosaurus rex.
I like squishy toys. =D
And you know it too.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mierah is suffering badbadbad because her kerja kursus is not done yet.

Mierah acknowledges the fact that the reason she is suffering is not because of a series of unfortunate events, but rather because of her own laziness. 

Mierah thinks nana banana is one of the greatest friends you can ever get, and that people who do not know her are missing out on having one of the greatest friends ever. Mierah loves her lotslotslots. She helps Mierah with her geo KK. Yeah, Mierah loves her very lots.

Mierah loveslovesloves Daniel too, for giving her most of his KK. He is her cousin who is also form 3, do not misunderstand. 

---By the way, christine. The fact that my new header is a picture of a cow does not mean I agree with being the cow. I am the supreme ruler of the universe, thank you very much. And I am NOT a cow bent on world domination. I am an awesome person bent on world domination. I just happened to stumble upon that cow pic and fell in love with it. Isn't it the cutest thing EVER?--- 

Mierah also loveslovesloves Manda for photostating some stuff for Sej KK for Mierah.

Ah, waddaheck.

I love the whole world, 
It's such a brilliant place,

Sorry Eleena, I copy you. But it just seems so apt. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Halooooooo. I've realised that most of my posts nowadays are full of (enters).

-Like this.-

Yeah. So, excluding everything above, I'm gonna try to post without using the enter key. Muhahahaha. OMG so Hungryy. I love my kawan kawan kawan kawan. Happy birthday again nana. Soryyyyyyyyyyy I haven't bought you nethin yet. It shalt cometh soon. ADAM LAMBERT IS <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333.

Okay I can't live without the enter key.





... I am pissed. I'm searching for mangas on mangafox. And I clicked three mangas with interesting titles. And they all turned out to be YAOI. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVIILLLLLLLLLLLLL. It's alright to be gay and all, as long as you don't show me. *shiver*

Holy shit.
I typed a lot of stuff just now. Somehow it got deleted by blogger.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Happy Birthday Eleena!!!

You're 15!! You old lady!!

I wanted to post a pic, but I don't have any recent one of you =(


I wanted to stay up until 12 last night to post this but I fell asleep.

Ooh. Here's a belated birthday post.
I actually DID manage to stay up until midnight for this one.
But the internet crashed for the whole week for some reason.
And I forgot to post it after that cursed week.

Dude, like duh you know I love you mostmostmost.
Sorry the post so belated.

You gila girl you.

P.s: Did any of you notice that the new Black Eyed Peas song (Boom Boom Pow) sounds a LOT like shuffler music?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I still think he's the better singer.
Who cares if he's gay??
He's not your brother or your boyfriend is he?
It's not like it's gonna affect your life in some way.
He is still a damn good singer.
Waaaay better than Kris Allen.

Now Kris Allen.
He'll most probably end up like David Cook, whose full name I only remembered two days ago.
He's just another pretty-boy love song singer with a guitar.
He'll probably churn out a few songs then disappear.

But Adam! He sang whole lotta love!! I love this guy!!
And his madworld was cool too.
He sang with Slash, he sang with Kiss.
*sigh* I love this guy.

(Yeah, I'm biased cause he likes my fav band.)

...... I'm huuungrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Beef Teppanyaki!
Mushroom steak!
Blackpepper steak!
Any hunk of beef!
I need my beef!

Stupid kerja kursus.

Um, my results were baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
I'm too afraid to tell my parents.
I'm just gonna let teacher surprise them during hari permuafakatan.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna study for the next exam.
No use crying over spilt milk eh?

PI is one thing I absolutely refuse to study.
How  my bro scored 100 in that subject will forever be a mystery to me.

School is a bit boring nowadays. We just sit there in class doing nothing. Even if we do study, I don't pay attention anyway. Eleeeeena!! Where are you! There's only me and bree left during PI.
And teacher is making me do hafazan! I can't do it without your weird methods.

Oh. I'm mad.
My headphones aren't working.
I can't hear Yundi Li play.
(that guy's super awesome)

Urgh tummyache.

Babye <3

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hot springs!!!!


It's in Nagano.

Bathing with monkeys.

I SUPER WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh. I got over my emo bit.


Though my internet will probably be taken away.



Nowadays, I've been listening to classical music a lot.

Caprice of a night fairy <3

Stress ma.
The music helps me to relax.

And I've been playing greensleeves a lot.
Sometimes for one hour non-stop.

It helps to soothe my never-ending head aches.

I miss my panadol.
I've run out of stock.
I need panadol.


Just wow.

I got a 50 for sejarah.
69 for maths.
Yeah. 69. 
Some people go suicidal when they get that kind of marks.
69. How? Why?

Sejarah never mind la.
I've never been able to score on that subject anyway.
But math. MATH. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????
A B in math and a C in Sejarah. 
I'm a disgrace to my class.

Plus this is hari permuafakatan term.
Die la.

I'm just a stupid person.
I have no idea why I'm in my class anyway.
Pure luck.

I wonder what my mum will say?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am bored. So I'm gonna list the things that I wanna do:

1. Bathe in the springs in Japan. The ones in the mountains. Why? There're monkeys there!
Big red faced mokeys. OMG I SO WANNA BATHE WITH MONKEYS!! 

2. Ride a giraffe. Seriously though. You know the thingy that you put on the horse's head and you hold the leather string thing. HOW do you put in on the giraffe? Will it go on the neck?? Do I have to stretch my arm? Will there be a longer string? I wanna pull the giraffe's head. Hehe.

3. Make a giant grand piano. I wanna stand inside it while some poor person hops on the keys outside. I wonder what it's like? 

4. Live with the monks in Japan. OMG SO COOL!!!!! I bet they can teach me some long-lost ninja art!!!

5. Learn muay thai. Did you know? In that thai movie, Ong Bak, even though the storyline is crap, the fighting scenes are awesome!!! No, it's not all guns and muscles like Triple X. The lead actor, Tony Jaa, knows a forbidden muay thai technique. And he uses them in the movie. And what's so cool about muay thai is that unlike tae kwan do, which is a self-defense sport, muay thai is a killing sport. Yeah, they aim to kill. Every single move is for that one purpose only.
Which is cool, like total ahem.

6. Taste the (halal) pork flavouring that christine's bro will hopefully someday make. -Hey, i'm just curious. I'm curious about everything okay. I still wonder what it'll be like to live on an island with volcanoes and ostriches (childhood fantasy, don't ask).- If don't have, no need la. So get off my case. 

7. Learn how to play the Tom and Jerry theme song on the piano. 

8. Learn how to beatbox the bumblebee on the flute. (saw it on youtube, coolest thing ever)

I need to study now. Chow dudes. Will continues this list later.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I guess I'm gonna have to pull off an all-nighter to get through all that PI.

I hope I don't get sick.

In my opinion, this is gonna end in either one of the three scenarios.

1. I get sick. Skip exam. Hallelujah.
2. I fail because of headache because of lack of sleep.
3. I fail because I decided not to have an all-nighter and didn't finish studying.

So yeah.

Please, please, please let me get sick.

Whyy why didn't ustazah tell us earlier??
70+ babs.
Shit so screwed la.


I know I haven't updated in a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong while.
I have a lot of things I wanna post about.
But I'm too lazy. *shrugs*

Imma go stuudy.

Oh, btw,
This is like my first time studying hard for an exam.
I actually finished my sejarah and science.
You guys should see my parents.
Whenever they see me study, they smile like the joker.
Then they keep walking into the room just to see me study.
Then they sigh happily.


My family so funny.

Seriously though.
I'm like the laziest person on the planet.
And no, I'm not saying it cos everyone else is.
And I'm not doing that fake modesty crap either.
My science book (small one) is empty.
My science book (big one) only has one page of... stuff.

I haven't done Geo notes since the ... ukuran I think.
And I don't even bother about English anymore.
Oh, my PI book is empty too.

I rarely sleep in class, but I yawn a lot.
I daydream about hugging furry animals most of the time.
I hum songs during english, thumb wrestle myself during geo and daydream about me living in naruto-land during sej.


Thursday, April 23, 2009


We actually did it.
We won we won!!
It's actually mostly thanks to Al and Mich. 
I... was useless. Like 100%.

The government team was so... ganas.
Well, not really la.
But they were so PRO.


Emm just texted me!!
St Teresa's team for the swinburne competition WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EMM dude you're awesome!!!!

she got best speaker for the final debate.
Best overall best speaker.
And one more she forgot. 


The judges called her the demoness.


Debating is fun.
Though I suck.
But yeah.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's been forever since I posted anything.
I have good reason.
Got some error with blogspot.

You know you know.
Yesterday I got a really bad fever.

My family went to the spring but I stayed at home cos I had a headache.
Then suddenly it got really bad.
And by the time my parents came home I was crying like a baby, though I really dunno why.

Then I slept and still felt like crap in the morn, but was better.

Still got headache now but oh wells.

OMG juuney i wanna see david archuleta too =(

My sis lazy practice piano.
Everyday I have to bully her into practising.
Haiya that girl.

Geesh my head's throbbing like crazy.

Imma go sleep.

Love you guys =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been so long since i posted anything.
Starting from today, I'm gonna stop abusing the space bar.
So yeah.

I want cookies. But they make me fat. But so yummy. But so fattening. And oily. Muu. Internal war!! COOOKIEESS. Nuuuuuuu. 

Gakuen Alice, Gakuen Alice, I love you so. Natsume and Mikan and Hotaru and Ruca and Tsubasa.
So cute!!!! OMG 

I just discovered that cafe place called bings or whatever. So kolot right? LOL

Augh, I'd kill for beef pulut rendang.

Amanda sleeps at 8 now. I only sleep for four hours everyday waad. Still so hyper. xD Though I do get a lot of headaches. And I keep sleeping in class. Panadol is like... M&M's to me nowadays.
... that's not healthy. OKAY!! Tonight sleep at nine. 

Why am I online anyway. So nakal right? Rebel kan. LOL.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So pissed off.
ViiKii you suck.
Why you ruin Boys Over Flowers.
Kenot translate video then no need laaa. 
Got other people can do it.

Dahla sometimes don't have translation.
Other times the translation 30 seconds late.
Thanks to you, I don't understand the story anymore.

OMG naruto ♥
The storyline getting interesting.
Daddy appears!!
I love the daddy. <3

Hana Yori Dango is <3
I had no idea that hana yori dango is actually meteor garden.
They made such a fuss out of that show when I was in primary school, it was kinda annoyying.
But Hanazawa Rui is love.
He is total love.
Don care wad Evey says.
He is mine. >]

I like the japanese version more though.
Mostly because I understand japanese, so I don't need to read the translation thingy down there.
The korean version's storyline is totally different.
That's why I'm watching it too.
But so hard to understand.
Thanks to ViiKii. (they suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.)
But yeah.
The japanese storyline is cuter.
Though the guys are not. =__=
What is this farce about devastatingly hot guys.

The korean version is a definite yes to hottness.
That's one of the only reasons why I'm still watching it.

But... their language.
It sounds like a combination of the indian language (whassitcalled again? hindu? that's a religion right?) and german. 
The only words I can catch are the character's names.

Gakuen Alice I love.
So kyut.
So banyak banyak banyak comel like wanna die.
I love Mikan.

People reading this post must be planning to avoid me.
I sound like some crazyotaku.
Well, I am.
Whatever. *shrugs*

Meeting tomorrow.
Two hours.
Why everyday must got stuff.
I wanna spend one day.
Just one day.
Lying on my bed counting the cobwebs.
Eh kenot lie on my bed.
I scared the ceiling fall.

The ceiling so lousy.
Bits and pieces kept falling onto me when I lie on my bed during the afternoon.
Dahla the watertank over my bed.


Maybe I'll sleep on the floor tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Haven't blogged much recently.
I'll blog about my upgrading yesterday.

Well, I FINALLY managed to memorise my poomse.
Practised for 2 hours straight. 
Then got tummy ache so toilet for the rest of the time. LOL.

Then we went to the main gym (which is my gym anyway) at 12.45.
Arrived there at 1.

And the white belts haven't even started yet. =_=
So we had to sit in the stuffyhotsemi-smellyfullofsweatypeople gym for 2 hours while waiting for our turn.

Cos I was so bored, I took pictures.

That's Eileen. She's busy telling the little kids to be quiet.
Yellow belts doing some block I forgot what it's called. 
Upper block? (as you can see one of the two kids in front there is sesat)
The chief who is the examiner. Muka very garang. I never see him smile before.

Julia <3
She, her brother Jeffrey and her little sister Joyce likes to hug me.
So chomel.

And then it was my turn.
I gave my phone to Adrian so no pictures.
I was paired off to a very pro-looking girl from another gym for sparring.
The whole time I was like dielamedielamedielame.

The upgrading was quite easy.
Mostly because the girl was as clueless about sparring as me.
We both kicked at the same time and yeah..
I think my kneecap is like.. shattered. 
And we did that a lot.
And everytime her knee hit mine, both of us were like "ooooooww!" and backtrackbacktrack.

And the instructor forgot to ask us to do our poomse. =________=
All my practising and panicking was for nothing.
We didn't even have to do the stupid combinations.

It was like a white belt upgrading, only with more strict marking.
SEE Manda! If you join so easy can pass!!
Well, actually, it's thanks to the forgetful instructor.

I got tummy ache again =(
I think I got diarrhoea.
Someone give me the little ubat I forgot the name for diarrhoea.

Oh, I shall blog more often now that exams are over.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



I am so dead.

TKD upgrading is in 3 1/2 hours, and I haven't memorised my tae guk.
And there's 3 sumore. 3!

And this time got sparring also.

Shit shit shit.
I've never sparred my whole life.


SO dead so dead so dead.

Dahla first upgrading without Manda, Janey and Melarie. (I miss you two!!!!!)

someone kill me now.
Panicking like hell.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm bored.
I shall talk about my childhood.
Don't ask me why.

The only birthday present my brother got me was.. umm..
two grasshoppers in a bottle.
That was when I was 3 or 4.
Oooh wait!
Two years ago he bought me a bb gun.
And shot me with it too.

I rarely see him cry.
The last time he cried was when I accidentally deleted his Legend Of Mana game.
He cried for hours I tell you.
That was when he was in uh.... primary.. 4, I think.

When I was really small, I used to live in Kapit.
I lived on this hill/bukit and my house was next to a forest.
A real forest, mind, not the semak-samun you get here.
Biiiig trees with lots and lots of vines.
Like the ones in Tarzan.

You don believe me?  
Got picture.
Lazy to upload.

I went to Tadika Sinaran for kindy.
I went to like 5 kindies.
There was Pelangi, Cemerlang, and I forgot the others.

Bree, Hani and Ezzah were my kindy classmates.
Though I don't remember them at all.
Oh, and Adzmeena's boyfriend was also my classmate.

When I was small, I didn't have teeth.
At least one tooth must be missing at all times.
That's why I never show people my childhood pics.

When I was small, I was never fat.
Dunno why suddenly so fat hor.

Oh Kururu oh kururu.
How I hate youu.
Leave Ringo and Ikki aloneee~
But you are just sho kyut.

Kids grow wings.
If the parents were to throw those wings away, 
the kid will be forced to grow up and never be able to fly.
Air gear quote.
Reminds me of what haaa.
I can't be referring to the fact that my parents aren't letting me go out even if I am 15.
Nor my bro, who is 17.
17 I tell you.
Why are yous so baad.
I wanna go out!!

Sorry, random moment.

Mum says I'm rude.
Cos when she was LECTURING me yesterday, I looked as if I didn't care.
But come ooon.
While she was bla-ing away, two GUYS wearing mini skirts and heavy makeup walked by.
So I was looking at them.

And I am not closeminded thank you very much.
It's like seeing a guy with a neon pink mohawk.
I don't think it's a bad thing, but I'd still stare.

And I've already trained myself to be muka tembok.
Whenever someone lectures me, It doesn't go into one ear and comes out from the other.
It doesn't even go into my ear.
I completely ignore them.

That is NOT a bad thing okay.
My mum lectures me everyday.
If I actually listen and care, I would have turned into a very very emo girl.
And I don't like emo.

I don't really get emo.
Thanks to my bro, I don't care about anything much.
My bro doesn't care about anything at all.
Except for his games.
And anime for me.
When I cry, it's usually cos I'm pissed off.

Seriously, If im not allowed to go out by the time I'm 18, I am soo moving out.
Don't care if I have to work at KFC.

Don't know why I'm telling the world all of this.
But oh well.
I write everything I think.
That's why my diary is so full.

When I'm old(20-25), I'm gonna travel.
Buy interesting books from all over the world.
OMG so fun.


Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been smsing too much.

900+ smses in one month.
Mum went crazy.
Plus I kept calling people.

I am so dead.

Looks like I'm gonna haveta buy another simcard again.
There goes my pocket money.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like omgg.
Jane, I soooo miss you!
You MUST visit us soon!

After this, I'll never be able to eat a cupcake EVER again.
So far this month, I've probably eaten around 60 or so cupcakes.
Besides nana and mich's cupcakes, I also baked my own.
So yummy, but so fattening.
By that I mean nana and mich's cuppycakes.
Not mine.
Mine are poison.

Exams exams exams.
Shit shit shit.
Die die die.

so fun.

Life is fun.
But still miss janey tho.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heeee. HEEEE.

I am like SUPER bored right now.
So i'm gonna post crap.

Anyway, I finally did my oral/aural?? on friday.
After I finished, Al was smiling like a clown.
Like seriously, her smile was huge.
You can actually feel her aura of contentment.
She was THAT happy.

And it was Christine's birthday too. 
So we sang happy birthday.

I brought a cupcake for amanda.
And adz and the others stole it.
And ate it in class.
I ate another cupcake.
While they were pinching the choc chip one, trying to make it last.

I <3> fried schicken!!
The one the canteen sells.
It must be sprinkled by magic flour i tell you.

The lady sick of my face already.
Whenever I buy the chicken, she mutters "makan ayam ajak keja miak tok.."
(this kid does nothing but eat chicken).
I was like T.T "bbut i like teh chickeeeeen".
Tomato mee is good too!

I saw a picture of amanda in primary one.
Like LOL.

I showed it to Brina Ku, and manda was like "mirah!! i wanna show you something! come here!!"
Then she showed me the finger.
Funny funny emo girl.
You were so cute. xP

Ooooh! I saw eleena too!
And christine! And Martha!

So chomel! xD
Still got baby fat.
The cheeks so chubby!
OMG *pinch*

We marched today.
So fun!!
*flaps hands*
I came one hour late, so I missed the metting.
When I arrived at school, I didn't know that they were marching at the church.
So I was walking around school looking for other rc members.
So sad.
Then I met some form one kids who asked me if marching finished edi.
So I was like "Whoops!!"
And ran off to church.

Eh I gtg now.
Going out to eat.
Babye <3

Friday, February 20, 2009




Happy birthday Chris!!
Your present will be a wee bit late.

^Birthday girl ;D

But nvm. Happy birthday anyway.

You know I love you xD

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like wheeee.
Change of layout.
The last one wasn't really my style.

I'll change the stupid jiwang icons later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



It's done!!!

My cupcakes!! Forgive me if I nampak suka nunjuk.
Nang pun.
So bangga you know.
I had 2 failed tries.

And this is the end
 product. =D

This is from my first try. Chocolate cupcakes. Taste like crap. And too oily.
Second try. Plain vanilla cupcakes. Not that oily but still tasted like crap. Covered it with vanilla ice-cream in hopes that the ice cream will taste stronger than the cupcake.

So you see.
You can't really blame me for feeling so satisfied.

Heee. =D
So sakai.
I kept taking pictures.
And my bro was like they're just cupcakes!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's a school sale.
Not a if-you-don't-get-a-lot-of-money-you-die-sale.
Why so competitive.

If you don't like our stuff, then don't like la.
No need to tell people bad things about us.

To the others, don't get all offended.
The targets of my wrath are only a few people.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's been almost a week since i updated.
Aunt from pahang came over, so I couldn't sneak online.

I can't go to MADD meetings nemore.

Baked cupcakes yesterday.
A tad too oily.
If only I could bake like Michi Goh.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me.

For st3 pre-sale buy cupcakes from 3A1!!
They're super good!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today was SUPER DUPER weird.

Aftah skul, I went to church to wait for my parents.
There, saw Derek and Aaron again.
Looking for that girl again.
Waited there for half an hour and she didn't come again.

So sad la you people.

Anyway, while waiting for her, we just stood there.
And some brats were playing football/basketball behind us. (wasn't paying attention)
And one of them accidentally kick the ball kena me.
I didn't even feel it actually.
But everyone went "OOOOOOOOOOOHHH"
And i was like WTH what what.
And they didn't say sorry.
So aaron was like "you people say sorry la!"
I think they didn't hear him.
So derek went "HEY!".
Like really loud. 
Super duper loud.
And everyone including me kinda jumped (tersentak).
And he was like "crap" -covers mouth-
I think he didn't mean to shout.
So I was like O.o

So then I realised what happened.
Even though I didn't feel it, they still hit me.
So I wanted to turn and shout at them.
Stupid retarded rasa cool brats.
But It would have been too much trouble.
So I just went "whatever".
And walked away.


Anyway, those boys were probably my age or older.
But still.
Stupid rasa best people.
Get a life.


Friday, February 6, 2009


The super retarded emo girl tagged me.
I still love you you retard.

But stop singing weird emo songs to me.

Or I will send hate mail to secondhand serenade.

Omg you knooow, I saw the singer.

He NOT cute.


Bimbo speak.

The Rules: Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.

Post the first definition it gives you.
Then your own comment below.
Tag 5 people.

1.Your name?

a non full-american girls name. 
usually ends up playing sports like basket ball, soccer, soft ball, or mabey even colorguard. has extreemely nice hair and loves her friends. super flirty!
Did you see amirah and her bff at the club last night. 

Wow, look at Amirah spin that rifle and flag. 

Amirah's going in for a 3 pointer! 

Run those bases Amirah! 

Amirah's a gollie today? 

Check out Amirah's hair! She has perfect curls! 

She's flirting with Dwayne again?!?!

*I am super flirty. Ph33r me. 

2. Age?
the REAL age to be considered a teenager, young person, young adult, etc
face it, teenagers have more responsibilities, go on dates, talk about sex, etc and obviously, 13 and 14 year olds are NOT that way. thats why 15 and up should be considered teenagers, despite the fact that most 14 year olds enter high school.

* I thought that the REAL teenage age was 16? =3

3. One of your friends?
♥ Maanda
A women named Amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Amandas are envied by other women.
1. Damnnn, Amanda's lookin' fine today, as usual. 
2. I wish I was Amanda, shes so pretty and nice!

* Incredible body. O.o
  Envied. =_="
  Wooot. sexaaay ladeh. *snort* xD

4. Favourite colour?
♥ White

1. The color white. 

Contrary to popular belief the word "white" is not a racial comment or slur.
This paper is white! 

(idiot human rights activist) "Oh my GOSH you racist bastard!!"

* Oh my GOSH you racist retards. 

5. Birthplace?
''The capital of Sarawak, Kuching is is the 4th largest urban area in Malaysia and with probably the best quality of life. It is a beautiful, green, laid-back city with non racist people (comprised of mostly Chinese, then Malays and Dayaks)- which is a like far-away dream in most parts of Malaysia. Most only 'learnt how to become' racist after staying for some time in West Malaysia. Intermarriage especially among the Chinese and Dayaks are common. Kuching has the best of both worlds - the facilities of a modern city and the strong community ties of a small town. In short, Kuching is a wonderful place to live in but a mindnumbingly boring place for tourists. ''
''Contrary to what quite a lot of West Malaysians think, Kuching people are not uneducated and 'ulu'. The fact is most Kuchingites can speak better English then them. Kuching also ranks as the no. 2 highest average household income. ''
''Most Kuchingites have the same hobby - eating. This is why there are so many kopitiams over here. Our most famous foods are the kolo mee, laksa Sarawak, kacangma and midin belacan. ''
''Kuching is developing at a very pace rapid pace and this is not neccesarily a good thing. Rising crime, traffic jams, several new malls, and more coming soon might turn Kuching into another unlivable metropolis. Currently however, crime and traffic are still much better than in other large cities in Malaysia. ''

*Wooot. Kuching!
Take that you Semenanjung snoots!
We're non-racist.

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♥ August

The eigth month of the year characterized by cookouts and swimming!
I love August, it has to be the best moth of the year!

*tch DUH. I get pressies. 
 Hail me.
 Bow you lowlifes. 

7. Last person you talked to ?
♥ Auntie
lol..auntie is like a gay old man 
"Your dad is an auntie"

*Gay old man??
 -gasp- auntie, I never knew.
 Did you adopt my cousins?

8. One of your nicknames?
♥ Mierah
Mierah isn't defined yet.

* I'll define it. 
 Mierah means me.
 Mierah is my name.
 Call me Amirah and I shall curse you into a fish fillet.
 Oooh Fish fillet!
 Reminds me of butter prawns.
 OMG -drools-

Tag five people:
♥Pau En Fern
♥Jesslyn Kho
♥Kelly Tan

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