Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like omgg.
Jane, I soooo miss you!
You MUST visit us soon!

After this, I'll never be able to eat a cupcake EVER again.
So far this month, I've probably eaten around 60 or so cupcakes.
Besides nana and mich's cupcakes, I also baked my own.
So yummy, but so fattening.
By that I mean nana and mich's cuppycakes.
Not mine.
Mine are poison.

Exams exams exams.
Shit shit shit.
Die die die.

so fun.

Life is fun.
But still miss janey tho.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heeee. HEEEE.

I am like SUPER bored right now.
So i'm gonna post crap.

Anyway, I finally did my oral/aural?? on friday.
After I finished, Al was smiling like a clown.
Like seriously, her smile was huge.
You can actually feel her aura of contentment.
She was THAT happy.

And it was Christine's birthday too. 
So we sang happy birthday.

I brought a cupcake for amanda.
And adz and the others stole it.
And ate it in class.
I ate another cupcake.
While they were pinching the choc chip one, trying to make it last.

I <3> fried schicken!!
The one the canteen sells.
It must be sprinkled by magic flour i tell you.

The lady sick of my face already.
Whenever I buy the chicken, she mutters "makan ayam ajak keja miak tok.."
(this kid does nothing but eat chicken).
I was like T.T "bbut i like teh chickeeeeen".
Tomato mee is good too!

I saw a picture of amanda in primary one.
Like LOL.

I showed it to Brina Ku, and manda was like "mirah!! i wanna show you something! come here!!"
Then she showed me the finger.
Funny funny emo girl.
You were so cute. xP

Ooooh! I saw eleena too!
And christine! And Martha!

So chomel! xD
Still got baby fat.
The cheeks so chubby!
OMG *pinch*

We marched today.
So fun!!
*flaps hands*
I came one hour late, so I missed the metting.
When I arrived at school, I didn't know that they were marching at the church.
So I was walking around school looking for other rc members.
So sad.
Then I met some form one kids who asked me if marching finished edi.
So I was like "Whoops!!"
And ran off to church.

Eh I gtg now.
Going out to eat.
Babye <3

Friday, February 20, 2009




Happy birthday Chris!!
Your present will be a wee bit late.

^Birthday girl ;D

But nvm. Happy birthday anyway.

You know I love you xD

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like wheeee.
Change of layout.
The last one wasn't really my style.

I'll change the stupid jiwang icons later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



It's done!!!

My cupcakes!! Forgive me if I nampak suka nunjuk.
Nang pun.
So bangga you know.
I had 2 failed tries.

And this is the end
 product. =D

This is from my first try. Chocolate cupcakes. Taste like crap. And too oily.
Second try. Plain vanilla cupcakes. Not that oily but still tasted like crap. Covered it with vanilla ice-cream in hopes that the ice cream will taste stronger than the cupcake.

So you see.
You can't really blame me for feeling so satisfied.

Heee. =D
So sakai.
I kept taking pictures.
And my bro was like they're just cupcakes!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's a school sale.
Not a if-you-don't-get-a-lot-of-money-you-die-sale.
Why so competitive.

If you don't like our stuff, then don't like la.
No need to tell people bad things about us.

To the others, don't get all offended.
The targets of my wrath are only a few people.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's been almost a week since i updated.
Aunt from pahang came over, so I couldn't sneak online.

I can't go to MADD meetings nemore.

Baked cupcakes yesterday.
A tad too oily.
If only I could bake like Michi Goh.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me.

For st3 pre-sale buy cupcakes from 3A1!!
They're super good!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today was SUPER DUPER weird.

Aftah skul, I went to church to wait for my parents.
There, saw Derek and Aaron again.
Looking for that girl again.
Waited there for half an hour and she didn't come again.

So sad la you people.

Anyway, while waiting for her, we just stood there.
And some brats were playing football/basketball behind us. (wasn't paying attention)
And one of them accidentally kick the ball kena me.
I didn't even feel it actually.
But everyone went "OOOOOOOOOOOHHH"
And i was like WTH what what.
And they didn't say sorry.
So aaron was like "you people say sorry la!"
I think they didn't hear him.
So derek went "HEY!".
Like really loud. 
Super duper loud.
And everyone including me kinda jumped (tersentak).
And he was like "crap" -covers mouth-
I think he didn't mean to shout.
So I was like O.o

So then I realised what happened.
Even though I didn't feel it, they still hit me.
So I wanted to turn and shout at them.
Stupid retarded rasa cool brats.
But It would have been too much trouble.
So I just went "whatever".
And walked away.


Anyway, those boys were probably my age or older.
But still.
Stupid rasa best people.
Get a life.


Friday, February 6, 2009


The super retarded emo girl tagged me.
I still love you you retard.

But stop singing weird emo songs to me.

Or I will send hate mail to secondhand serenade.

Omg you knooow, I saw the singer.

He NOT cute.


Bimbo speak.

The Rules: Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.

Post the first definition it gives you.
Then your own comment below.
Tag 5 people.

1.Your name?

a non full-american girls name. 
usually ends up playing sports like basket ball, soccer, soft ball, or mabey even colorguard. has extreemely nice hair and loves her friends. super flirty!
Did you see amirah and her bff at the club last night. 

Wow, look at Amirah spin that rifle and flag. 

Amirah's going in for a 3 pointer! 

Run those bases Amirah! 

Amirah's a gollie today? 

Check out Amirah's hair! She has perfect curls! 

She's flirting with Dwayne again?!?!

*I am super flirty. Ph33r me. 

2. Age?
the REAL age to be considered a teenager, young person, young adult, etc
face it, teenagers have more responsibilities, go on dates, talk about sex, etc and obviously, 13 and 14 year olds are NOT that way. thats why 15 and up should be considered teenagers, despite the fact that most 14 year olds enter high school.

* I thought that the REAL teenage age was 16? =3

3. One of your friends?
♥ Maanda
A women named Amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Amandas are envied by other women.
1. Damnnn, Amanda's lookin' fine today, as usual. 
2. I wish I was Amanda, shes so pretty and nice!

* Incredible body. O.o
  Envied. =_="
  Wooot. sexaaay ladeh. *snort* xD

4. Favourite colour?
♥ White

1. The color white. 

Contrary to popular belief the word "white" is not a racial comment or slur.
This paper is white! 

(idiot human rights activist) "Oh my GOSH you racist bastard!!"

* Oh my GOSH you racist retards. 

5. Birthplace?
''The capital of Sarawak, Kuching is is the 4th largest urban area in Malaysia and with probably the best quality of life. It is a beautiful, green, laid-back city with non racist people (comprised of mostly Chinese, then Malays and Dayaks)- which is a like far-away dream in most parts of Malaysia. Most only 'learnt how to become' racist after staying for some time in West Malaysia. Intermarriage especially among the Chinese and Dayaks are common. Kuching has the best of both worlds - the facilities of a modern city and the strong community ties of a small town. In short, Kuching is a wonderful place to live in but a mindnumbingly boring place for tourists. ''
''Contrary to what quite a lot of West Malaysians think, Kuching people are not uneducated and 'ulu'. The fact is most Kuchingites can speak better English then them. Kuching also ranks as the no. 2 highest average household income. ''
''Most Kuchingites have the same hobby - eating. This is why there are so many kopitiams over here. Our most famous foods are the kolo mee, laksa Sarawak, kacangma and midin belacan. ''
''Kuching is developing at a very pace rapid pace and this is not neccesarily a good thing. Rising crime, traffic jams, several new malls, and more coming soon might turn Kuching into another unlivable metropolis. Currently however, crime and traffic are still much better than in other large cities in Malaysia. ''

*Wooot. Kuching!
Take that you Semenanjung snoots!
We're non-racist.

6..Month of your birth?
♥ August

The eigth month of the year characterized by cookouts and swimming!
I love August, it has to be the best moth of the year!

*tch DUH. I get pressies. 
 Hail me.
 Bow you lowlifes. 

7. Last person you talked to ?
♥ Auntie
lol..auntie is like a gay old man 
"Your dad is an auntie"

*Gay old man??
 -gasp- auntie, I never knew.
 Did you adopt my cousins?

8. One of your nicknames?
♥ Mierah
Mierah isn't defined yet.

* I'll define it. 
 Mierah means me.
 Mierah is my name.
 Call me Amirah and I shall curse you into a fish fillet.
 Oooh Fish fillet!
 Reminds me of butter prawns.
 OMG -drools-

Tag five people:
♥Pau En Fern
♥Jesslyn Kho
♥Kelly Tan

(you must do!)
Ngeh, my gang all edi kenak tag.