Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been so long since i posted anything.
Starting from today, I'm gonna stop abusing the space bar.
So yeah.

I want cookies. But they make me fat. But so yummy. But so fattening. And oily. Muu. Internal war!! COOOKIEESS. Nuuuuuuu. 

Gakuen Alice, Gakuen Alice, I love you so. Natsume and Mikan and Hotaru and Ruca and Tsubasa.
So cute!!!! OMG 

I just discovered that cafe place called bings or whatever. So kolot right? LOL

Augh, I'd kill for beef pulut rendang.

Amanda sleeps at 8 now. I only sleep for four hours everyday waad. Still so hyper. xD Though I do get a lot of headaches. And I keep sleeping in class. Panadol is like... M&M's to me nowadays.
... that's not healthy. OKAY!! Tonight sleep at nine. 

Why am I online anyway. So nakal right? Rebel kan. LOL.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So pissed off.
ViiKii you suck.
Why you ruin Boys Over Flowers.
Kenot translate video then no need laaa. 
Got other people can do it.

Dahla sometimes don't have translation.
Other times the translation 30 seconds late.
Thanks to you, I don't understand the story anymore.

OMG naruto ♥
The storyline getting interesting.
Daddy appears!!
I love the daddy. <3

Hana Yori Dango is <3
I had no idea that hana yori dango is actually meteor garden.
They made such a fuss out of that show when I was in primary school, it was kinda annoyying.
But Hanazawa Rui is love.
He is total love.
Don care wad Evey says.
He is mine. >]

I like the japanese version more though.
Mostly because I understand japanese, so I don't need to read the translation thingy down there.
The korean version's storyline is totally different.
That's why I'm watching it too.
But so hard to understand.
Thanks to ViiKii. (they suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.)
But yeah.
The japanese storyline is cuter.
Though the guys are not. =__=
What is this farce about devastatingly hot guys.

The korean version is a definite yes to hottness.
That's one of the only reasons why I'm still watching it.

But... their language.
It sounds like a combination of the indian language (whassitcalled again? hindu? that's a religion right?) and german. 
The only words I can catch are the character's names.

Gakuen Alice I love.
So kyut.
So banyak banyak banyak comel like wanna die.
I love Mikan.

People reading this post must be planning to avoid me.
I sound like some crazyotaku.
Well, I am.
Whatever. *shrugs*

Meeting tomorrow.
Two hours.
Why everyday must got stuff.
I wanna spend one day.
Just one day.
Lying on my bed counting the cobwebs.
Eh kenot lie on my bed.
I scared the ceiling fall.

The ceiling so lousy.
Bits and pieces kept falling onto me when I lie on my bed during the afternoon.
Dahla the watertank over my bed.


Maybe I'll sleep on the floor tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Haven't blogged much recently.
I'll blog about my upgrading yesterday.

Well, I FINALLY managed to memorise my poomse.
Practised for 2 hours straight. 
Then got tummy ache so toilet for the rest of the time. LOL.

Then we went to the main gym (which is my gym anyway) at 12.45.
Arrived there at 1.

And the white belts haven't even started yet. =_=
So we had to sit in the stuffyhotsemi-smellyfullofsweatypeople gym for 2 hours while waiting for our turn.

Cos I was so bored, I took pictures.

That's Eileen. She's busy telling the little kids to be quiet.
Yellow belts doing some block I forgot what it's called. 
Upper block? (as you can see one of the two kids in front there is sesat)
The chief who is the examiner. Muka very garang. I never see him smile before.

Julia <3
She, her brother Jeffrey and her little sister Joyce likes to hug me.
So chomel.

And then it was my turn.
I gave my phone to Adrian so no pictures.
I was paired off to a very pro-looking girl from another gym for sparring.
The whole time I was like dielamedielamedielame.

The upgrading was quite easy.
Mostly because the girl was as clueless about sparring as me.
We both kicked at the same time and yeah..
I think my kneecap is like.. shattered. 
And we did that a lot.
And everytime her knee hit mine, both of us were like "ooooooww!" and backtrackbacktrack.

And the instructor forgot to ask us to do our poomse. =________=
All my practising and panicking was for nothing.
We didn't even have to do the stupid combinations.

It was like a white belt upgrading, only with more strict marking.
SEE Manda! If you join so easy can pass!!
Well, actually, it's thanks to the forgetful instructor.

I got tummy ache again =(
I think I got diarrhoea.
Someone give me the little ubat I forgot the name for diarrhoea.

Oh, I shall blog more often now that exams are over.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



I am so dead.

TKD upgrading is in 3 1/2 hours, and I haven't memorised my tae guk.
And there's 3 sumore. 3!

And this time got sparring also.

Shit shit shit.
I've never sparred my whole life.


SO dead so dead so dead.

Dahla first upgrading without Manda, Janey and Melarie. (I miss you two!!!!!)

someone kill me now.
Panicking like hell.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm bored.
I shall talk about my childhood.
Don't ask me why.

The only birthday present my brother got me was.. umm..
two grasshoppers in a bottle.
That was when I was 3 or 4.
Oooh wait!
Two years ago he bought me a bb gun.
And shot me with it too.

I rarely see him cry.
The last time he cried was when I accidentally deleted his Legend Of Mana game.
He cried for hours I tell you.
That was when he was in uh.... primary.. 4, I think.

When I was really small, I used to live in Kapit.
I lived on this hill/bukit and my house was next to a forest.
A real forest, mind, not the semak-samun you get here.
Biiiig trees with lots and lots of vines.
Like the ones in Tarzan.

You don believe me?  
Got picture.
Lazy to upload.

I went to Tadika Sinaran for kindy.
I went to like 5 kindies.
There was Pelangi, Cemerlang, and I forgot the others.

Bree, Hani and Ezzah were my kindy classmates.
Though I don't remember them at all.
Oh, and Adzmeena's boyfriend was also my classmate.

When I was small, I didn't have teeth.
At least one tooth must be missing at all times.
That's why I never show people my childhood pics.

When I was small, I was never fat.
Dunno why suddenly so fat hor.

Oh Kururu oh kururu.
How I hate youu.
Leave Ringo and Ikki aloneee~
But you are just sho kyut.

Kids grow wings.
If the parents were to throw those wings away, 
the kid will be forced to grow up and never be able to fly.
Air gear quote.
Reminds me of what haaa.
I can't be referring to the fact that my parents aren't letting me go out even if I am 15.
Nor my bro, who is 17.
17 I tell you.
Why are yous so baad.
I wanna go out!!

Sorry, random moment.

Mum says I'm rude.
Cos when she was LECTURING me yesterday, I looked as if I didn't care.
But come ooon.
While she was bla-ing away, two GUYS wearing mini skirts and heavy makeup walked by.
So I was looking at them.

And I am not closeminded thank you very much.
It's like seeing a guy with a neon pink mohawk.
I don't think it's a bad thing, but I'd still stare.

And I've already trained myself to be muka tembok.
Whenever someone lectures me, It doesn't go into one ear and comes out from the other.
It doesn't even go into my ear.
I completely ignore them.

That is NOT a bad thing okay.
My mum lectures me everyday.
If I actually listen and care, I would have turned into a very very emo girl.
And I don't like emo.

I don't really get emo.
Thanks to my bro, I don't care about anything much.
My bro doesn't care about anything at all.
Except for his games.
And anime for me.
When I cry, it's usually cos I'm pissed off.

Seriously, If im not allowed to go out by the time I'm 18, I am soo moving out.
Don't care if I have to work at KFC.

Don't know why I'm telling the world all of this.
But oh well.
I write everything I think.
That's why my diary is so full.

When I'm old(20-25), I'm gonna travel.
Buy interesting books from all over the world.
OMG so fun.


Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been smsing too much.

900+ smses in one month.
Mum went crazy.
Plus I kept calling people.

I am so dead.

Looks like I'm gonna haveta buy another simcard again.
There goes my pocket money.