Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's really plain though, just white tiles, but hey.
No more loud noises.
So who cares xD

Monday, August 24, 2009

*stabs heart*



1. She can't watch tv cos the bathroom she shares with the siblings is being renovated, and the tv is like right outside.

2. One of her favourite mangas (admittedly a very cliché shoujo manga) just ended. She liked the ending, but there will be no more!!

3. D. Gray Man will take forever to update. Once she finds out where the author lives, the author will so pay for giving mierah such pain. (after she finishes the manga, of course)

4. She can't eat. It's not like mierah is hungry. It's just that to her, eating is like... bobbing your head when you listen to michael jackson, or teasing clar. It's just SOMETHING THAT SHE DOES. Especially on a hot afternoon, lying down on the living room sofa, in school uniform, munching chips. WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHH.

In short, I'm just bored, cos usually, I just lie down and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, until I fall asleep.

I can't sleep without eating so yeah.

Plus a certain Amanda Lee is not picking up her phone and since Eleena is in KL, it's too expensive to call her.
So my backup hobby of calling those two is gone too.


I'm gonna go rediscover photoshop.
Babye people!

I shalt try to post more often.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Did you guys know?

That Zack and Cody are 17??

I just found out a few seconds ago.

Holy shit.
I was so sure that they were younger than me.
They're my bro's age!!

Trauma, trauma.

Head hurts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cough cough.

I am sick.
Therefore I am skipping exams.
I bet my classmates are hating me right now.
Actually, I'm not THAT sick.
Just cough cough and high temperature with a bit of headache.
But since my immune system is wonky right now, dad's not letting me go to school because of H1N1.

Though this morning I was death-bed sick though.
Got better after I ate Panadol.

Hopefully I'm going to school tomorrow.
Dead scared of mock which is in two weeks.

Anyway, my birthday was somewhat depressing.
I got sick at the end of the day and was dumped at grandparent's house while parents and siblings went out.
Sad right?

The smses cheered me up though.
Thanks so much to those people who took time to wish me a very happy birthday.
Especially to those who smsed me at midnight.
And those who meant to but fell asleep.

Love you guys. <3