Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Neeew Year!!


Lets hope for a fun year shall we?

Well, 2008.
It's been bittersweet.
I gotta thank you guys for managing to put up with me for a whole year.

I apologise if I have hurt or angered you in any way.
If I like you, then you'll know I don't mean it.
If I don't like you, then just keep thinking that I don't mean it.

Ah, my aims for this year.
The obvious one is of course, straight A's for PMR.
The not-so-obvious one is eating veggies without puking.

Love ya dudes.
Be patient with me for another year kay?

I thought we were changing the hit count?
Go online!

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~ Will you marry the person you last texted ? (Forgot who)

Probably not/

~ What did you do today?

Read bleach. Eat chocolate. Breathe.

~ Last place you went shopping?

The Spring.

~ How old were you when you lost your first tooth?

How am I supposed to remember?? 

~ Last time you were on the phone?

Few minutes ago.

~ What's for dinner?

Umm.... Prawns?

~ Ever been to the Statue of Liberty?

Nope. I wanna go there though.

~ How many e-mail addresses do you have?


~ Last time you washed your hair?

This morning.

Q)Do you like Oreos?

Duh ;D

Q)Can you ice skate?

Uh, without falling, yes, but not well.

Q)Do you have a brother?


Q)Do you keep a planner?


Q)What kind of mood are you in?

I wanna eat more mood.

Q)What's the best part about being single?

No shit.

Q)What's the best thing you've ever had?


Q)What are you thinking about right now?

I wan Bleach Anime.

Q)Wearing any bracelets?


Q)What are you doing now?

FArting. No. really. *snort*

Q)Who was the last person that helped you stop crying ?

No one.

Q)If you could change your name to anything what would it be?


Q)Would you move to another country to be with the one you love?

Nah. I like Malaysia. OOooh maybe Nz!! Oor Japan!!

For someone I love, no. For myself, duh!

Q)Have you ever talked on the phone while in the shower?

Yeap. LOL

Q) Are you afraid of falling in love?


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Okay, so the last post wasn't that long.
I originally intended it to be so.
Naturally, I got lazy.

What I usually do before sis' bedtime.

Me: Guuuudnight!!!
Sis: Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutnat!
Me: I loooove eeeuuu!!
Sis: I haaaf euuuu!!
Me: I looove naruto!!
Sis: I looove Poooh!!
Me: I loooove bleach!!!
Sis: I looove little einsteins!!
Mum: *throws pillow* go away.

Last night.
I felt... so.. so... cool!

Y'know what I did? Huh? Huh?
I ate noodles! With chopsticks!!
At midnight! Oh, I felt so Japanese.
So bangga.

Then Aaron Lim just HAD to point out that chinese do that too.

But it's more to japanese-yyy.
Cos my bowl, has sakura (the flower) patterns all over it!
Ha!! In your face Aaron!

I'm reading Bleach right now.
Kurosaki Ichigo is COOL!!!
Hell Yeah!!

Skating picture.
There's more.
Cos my dad went in too. 
But he didnt go on the ice.
So he could take pictures.
But I lazy to upload.
I look fat.

It's not exactly hard to spot us.
Me and my sis. ♥

Kechomelan yang teramat sangat.

This is what I do with her during the day.

Me: Umufufufufufufu.
Sis: Umuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
Me: Muahahahahahahahahaha.
Sis: Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
Me: Muhuh.
Sis: Gaaaaaa.
Me: I laaaaaaaaf euuu!!!!
Sis: I laaaaaaaaaaaaaff uuuuuuuuuuu!!

Yes, I really do that.
On a daily basis.

Oh Kee-riis-tiiiinne!
I found a pretty manga!
Its called Number.

You still up for changing the head count thingy tonight?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Back dudes.

Warning= Gila long post ahead.

I was in Pahang from... some day i forgot till monday.
Eh, from wednesday.
Yeah! wednesday.

Ate Pulut Rendang everyday.
Walked to the market.
The streets don't smell like
cow shit anymore.
No fun.
Got sheep shit la.
Like coffee beans scattered everywhere.

Went to the Sunday market.
There was this guy selling chicks and parrots.
So I took pictures.

My uncle has this gun, and we took turns shooting a tin can.
My uncle teaching my dad how to use the gun.My dad taking aim.My uncle setting the tin. (It's on top of the wood thing. My unc is blocking it from view.)
Me trying the gun out.
The sharp bullets.

I spent most of the time playing cards with my cousins.

And chasing chickens in the evenings.

Uh, then I went to KL.
People caroling at the hotel lobby.

And then, on Tuesday, I went to Sunway Lagoon.
I went skating!
There are pictures, of course.
but in my mum's phone.
I'll update later.

Then, today, at the LCCT airport in KL, saw Roland and DJ.
So tepat.

Sat with DJ in the aeroplane.
She was in Japan.
For the homestay program.
She bought the Weekly Shounen Jump.
Which means she has this week's naruto.
I wanna read!!
But it was in her big bag.
So kenot la.

And then, now I'm home!!

Didn't get to meet Jane.
Her parents were working, so they couldn't send her.

Merry Christmas Dudes.
11 more days till school reopens.
See ya then!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am super annoyed.
Stupid annoying kid.

He's waaay more annoying than anyone else I know.
He sneaks into my room and opens my bag. 
Then steals my stuff.

Wanna kick him.
Well, he's only seven.
Busybody like hell.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Bro came back yesterday. =D
At 12 p.m.
He was covered in mud.
His bag was covered in mud.
His shoes were covered in mud.
Even his pencil box was covered in mud.

He bought SugarBun.
So I grabbed his cheese fries and ran away with it.

Anyway, mum made him take a bath.
Then he told me weird stories while eating.

Apparently a group from some school built a three-storeyed house.
Tiga tingkat!!


Anyway, he then proceeded to sleep until 11 p.m.
Then he went down to eat mushroom soup with me.
Then he went to sleep again.

Until today.

Got someone teman me.

Oh, btw, I kinda lost my phone.
So.. yeah.
I'll call u in KL dude.

I'm going tomorrow.
I'll be in pahang first.

My family there finally got wireless.
Kinda weird though.
A kampung house with the chicken and the goats and all the traditional stuff.
Suddenly got wireless.

Best part is, I can walk to the market.
Pulut rendang everyday. ♥

Then I'll go to kl.
Babyee =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kemahiran Hidup Berseorangan -KHB-

It's so ubermegasuperduper boring.
Especially with my bro at camp.
Gosh I miss my friends.

Oh, I haven't shown you people my guitar =)

I wanted a black one though.
Dad didn't even tell me he was buying it that day.
I was lazing around on my bed when dad suddenly came barging in with the guitar in his hands.
I was so shocked I just stared at him.
Then he started laughing like orang gila.

Then my sister poked her head through the door and went "Your guitar!" -points at guitar-

Dad's usually a cheapskate.
90 percent of the time.

Anyway, since I have yet to master the art of tuning, dad bought one with a tuner.
I'm quite thankful for that, actually, since he didn't buy a guitar stand.
So I have to sandar it dekat dinding everytime I don't use it.
And it gets out of tune everytime.
Though I suspect my sister is the cause of that.
Everytime I take a bath, she'll sneak into my room and mess with the guitar.
So I have to keep opening the door and shout at her to get out of my room.

I don't really like footwear, and I've never understood some people's weird obsession with shoes.
For me, it's buy a pair, wear it until I can't then buy a new one.
Then repeat.

Since my sneakers are unwear-able.
I've been using flip-flops everywhere I go.
And my mum says I'm not going to KL unless I get a decent pair of shoes. 
So while shopping at Boulevard, I came across a pair that caught my eye.
But then they didn't have my size.
Mum's insisting on bringing me to the Spring to buy a new pair.

I don't get it.
It's not like I'm gonna get arrested for wearing filp-flops in KL.
I don't like girly shoes.
They freak me out.

Anyway, found some new amazing websites.
But I'm too lazy to put up the link.

DeviantArt never ceases to amaze me.
Check out the Jewelleries there.

This, is an ear wrap.
It's handmade.

I found a copy of Evenstar, that necklace from Lord Of the Rings.
So purdy.

Ooh, ooh.
Finished reading The Baker's Boy.
The book's not as obscene as those Little Black Dress books.
It's quite nice actually.

I'm now reading Agatha Christie.
The Secret Adversary.

Oh, I have birthday presents to buy in KL.
Um, Janey,

Who else got early birthday ha?

I lazy to buy your present last minute.
Plus it's cheaper and prettier in KL.

Ooh ooh 
My bro!!
But what to buy him? =3
Maybe one of theose gaming mouse.
But it costs 200 bucks.

New speakers?

So expensive.

You know what he bought me for my birthday last year?
A Bb Gun.
You know, the ones that shoot those little plastic bullets.
He bought two huge packets of bullets too.
It's hidden somewhere in my cupboard.
Dad will surely sonfiscate it if he finds it.

I sometimes scare annoying kids with it.
I don't shoot of course.
I just go "i'm gonna kill you if you don't run!! muahahahaha"
And they run like mad.

Quite amusing really.
The gun looks really real.


Anyway, this morning, I was rudely awakened from my sleep by a phone call.
When I picked up, some chinese guy started shouting at me.
When he finally stopped, I screamed a******!
Clue. Starts with a butt and ends with an e.

Anyway, the guy started screaming again so i hung up.
Then I went back to sleep.
Then he called again.
So I got really annoyed and told him my house was burning down.
And I was like "Weii!! call someone help!!"
And the guy started panicking.
Then I laughed and said stupid.
Then I hung up again.

And then he called again.
So I answered, said wrong number, and giggled to self while the guy muttered sorry.

Who ask him shout at me.
People sleeping again.

Oh, I saw a marshmallow bunny today.
So odd.

You'll never fully understand me.
So don't bother.

+.=  my sister's doll is staring at me.
So scary.

Threw it outside.
At the tv couch there.
It's one of those dolls that sing when you shake it.
So it sang.


I have a voice that speaks to me in my head.
Am I crazy?

Kamus utusan pelajar.
It's right in front of me.
It's red and blue in colour.
I like blue.
I like the soft pastel blue.
And the greenish one too!
I don't like the bright blue.
It annoys me.

Internet explorer's logo is blue.
That's why I don't use it.

Internet explorer sucks.

I wanna be an explorer.
That would be fun.
But sometimes you run out of money.
I don't wanna wash dishes for money.

I've never liked touching people's food.
Never will.

There's this restaurant called Fernleaf in Spring.
They have the BEST steaks there.

Saw Sharon at the Spring few days ago.
I was like "Sharon!!!" *runs to sharon* *hugs*
Sharon Melissa, not Lugun.

I'm not THAT friendly.

Waah, I miss my friends T.T

It's so boring!!!
I've read more than six books this week.
And all of them have more than 300 pages.
I have no life.

My parents want me to get straight A1's.

No, really.

They seriously want me to get straight A1's.

They were like "We know you can do it! You're just lazy!".
Moi? Lazy??

There's only one way I'm gonna actually study hard for straight A1's.
And that's my brother getting straight A1's.
And there's a good chance of that happening, so woe is me.

It's just that my pride will be wounded, you know.
Losing to my bro.
I'm very kiasu if it concerns my bro.
So yeah.

This is getting to be a ridiculously long random post.
I'm actually just typing whatever the inner me is saying in my head.

I want bro.
So lonely don't have him.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


AGC ended yesterday.
And guess what?
Random won!
You guys rock!
Tch. Now I really wish I went.

So boring lah.
Watched 90210.
It's the only show from that "glamour" type that I like. The hills suck.
Bought another book yesterday.
The Baker's Boy.
Sounds so innocent.
Check check bukak dalam so pg 13.
Next time, I'll read half of the book before buying it.

Oh, I went to Christine's house to drop off her photoshop cds.
My mum and I got lost, and it took us like an hour to get there.
I think.

I've been playing pokemon Emerald for a week now.
Laugh all you want.
It's the best console game I've ever played.

I wan Pokemon Diamond / Pearl.
I need something to keep me busy throughout the 4 hour trip to Pahang.
In car again.
Mum always gets sick.
Then we have to stop at the side of the road for her to... yeah.

Anyway, the only game I have for my DS is Harry Potter.
What a total waste of money.
And I lost the plastic pen thingy for the touch pad.
I've been using hair clips to play.

Bro's coming back on Monday~

Cosplay :D (xp)

I'm bored. I wanna make your eyes bleed.

Imagine him her following you around.
Isn't he she sexy?
Is that Eddy Murphy??

For Aaron Gumis. =D

... Racial harmony?
And to soothe your minds eyes, a hot Gaara ♥

Friday, December 12, 2008


This is... 

probably the weirdest/most amazing video I've ever seen.
The volkswagon people are really odd creative.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stupid camp.

I was pissed off about not being allowed to go to camp.
Am still pissed off cos my bro is now at scouts camp. In Santubong.
I mean, come on. It's waaay more dangerous there.
You can get lost in the forest, or drown, or get chased by wild boars, or get a sniff of the rafflesia.
EW. Rotten fish.

I miss my bro.
No one to bitch to about not being allowed to go camp.

Oh, Oh.

Happy Birthday Hazelyn Ng some chinese name some chinese name.
One year older, one year closer to being able to drive.
I'll get you a pressie in KL, dear.


Be happy.
If it wasn't for today, you wouldn't be here to grumble about it.



I went to KGS today.
I swam and went to the library.
While swimming, these two guys came up and started to speak in korean.
I was like  '.'
Then they started speaking faster.
I was like <.<"
Then this guy started shouting.
I swam away as fast as I could.

How odd.

Borrowed some interesting books.

The Secret Adversary - Agatha Christie

Empress Wu - Lillian Too

No Place Like Home - Mary Higgins Clark

The first book I lazy to explain.

The second book is about a concubine who rose to become the only woman ever to ascend the dragon throne. 

Third is about this lady who killed her mother when she was really little and changed her name when she was adopted. Years later, she married this old guy and gets a kid and the old guy dies. Then she remarries two years later, and the husband bought her a gift- her old house where she murdered her mother. And some scary things happen and.... I won't reveal anything else.

Actually, I haven't read the books.
I was just writing what it said on the back.

Sounds nice tho.

I'm boored.
No one to teman me.

Going to KL soon.
Looking forward to it.
I wanna pig out on the huge burgers at that restaurant which name I forgot.
Charles' Junior? =.= 
No, that's not it.
Chicky's Junior?

But the burger's half the size of my head.


My latest Obsession = Buckethead ♥

Buckethead is THE BEST guitarist ever.
He's also extremely shy.

Whenever he performs, he wears a white mask, and a KFC bucket on his head.
Hence the nickname.

Most people claim he's a whacko.

Quote Wikipedia:

" Whenever dressed like this (most of the time during performances) he represents a character who was "raised by chickens and has made it his mission in life to alert the world to the ongoing holocaust in fast food joints around the globe".

Then again, maybe he is.
Who cares, he still rocks, anyway.

Actually, the main reason why I really like him is because he used to play for Guns N' Roses.
Axl <3

Since yesterday morning, I've been surfing around youtube for live performances on Guns N' Roses. I like the vid for Paradise City at The Ritz '88 the best. Axl did a crowd dive, and the security and the crowd had a tug-of-war over Axl. His shirt was ripped off and his thumb broken when they managed to pull him back onstage. That was funny. In this other video, Slash kicked some fan's head when the guy tried to pull his guitar. That was hilarious. The guitar was out of tune for the rest of the song. Axl was and still is famous for being a major pain. I found four videos of him kicking fans out of concerts. 

But I still adore him. 
Cos I wan his voice.
Its cool.
And very unique.

.. Axl's voice is like really deep now.
Chinese Democracy was weird.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I really really wanna go camp.
My bro la. I was okay already, cos my dad bought me the guitar.
Then he had to talk about the obstacle course the scouts made for the camp today.
And he was like "Got your friends ask about you" and all that.
I miss Random (group name was changed). =(
I miss my group.
I miss my friends.
I miss SAR.
I miss camp.

I wanna go. I wanna go.



Hii =D

I feel better now.
Ate lots and lots of Hersheys Hugs ♥.

... I still wanna go camp.


Anyway, layout change.
I saw this layout a long time ago, but.. yeah.

Listen to the song!!
Discovered it while watching Enchanted.
I wanted to put Dream On, but It's a rock song, and would be very bising.


I'm bored, and still very pissed off. The lecture lasted for almost an hour. Something about me not being ready (WTF *&%@$^%&) and is too young for the camp. There was also something about it being too dangerous. WHY THE HECK IS IT DANGEROUS? There's like 100 people at the camp. And I can't stray away from my group. If at night, there are night patrols by seniors. Unless a hitman comes with a machinegun with me as his target, there's no way I'd get injured or kidnapped. Maybe a few scratches from the obstacle course, but who the hell cares. I wanna do the SAR. Waaaaaaa. I really wanna do the SAR. They say it's gonna be interesting this year. Eeeeeeee. So marah. I don't mind missing the other activities, really, just the SAR. Anyway, my mum was like, "why don't you smile anymore?". I've been trapped in this stupid house ever since the holiday started. One of the reasons why I was reaaally looking forward to camp. And then whenever I forget about camp, they'll start talking about buying stuff for my bro's camp and making arrangements for him. You people may find it weird that I'm so emo over a camp, but I've been looking forward to it the whole year okay. Ever since I heard that there was a car in last year's SAR. Omgeee. So jealous. Stupid kidnappers. I hope their death won't be peaceful.

Yeah, being emo.
I'll get over it.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Bleh, couldn't go to camp.
Then dad brought me to St Joe to pick my bro up.
I saw my friends who went to the camp.
Dad didn't even realise camp started today.

Barely spoke to my parents this week.
Yeah, I'm a spoiled brat.
So what?
They said yes when I asked them at the beginning of the year.
They said yes again in August.
They even signed the permission slip.
A WEEK before camp, they said no.
I've been looking forward to it the whole year.

Dad promised me next year I can go.
He better keep the promise.

I rarely post stuff nowadays.
Whatever lah.
My mood not so good.

I got headache.
I wan panadol.

Well, I think they're trying to make me feel better.
Dad's gonna buy me a guitar, and mum's buying me books whenever we go to Spring.
Truth be told, I'd rather go to camp.
But hey, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

So, the books that I bought

The Singer's Crown - Elaine Isaak

The White Priestess - Trudi Canavan

The Singer's Crown is AWESOME!!

I am soo buying Elaine Isaak's Latest book.
It's called The Eunuch's Heir.

Somewhat good mood gone.
Mum just lectured me.

I wanna break stuff.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kyaa ♥


I found this website,
They sell the CUTEST things there!

Even the name is cute.

I was like kyaa-ing while looking through the site.

They sell the cutest soaps there.
Yeap, soaps
And the notebooks!!
Eeeeee so CHOMEL!

Everything there is handmade and one of a kind.
So, it's kinda expensive.
The notebooks are like what, a 100 ringgit each.
But so gila comel.
And got pockets and stuff sewn into it.
Go seee go seeeee!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hiatus cancelled.

-warning. Long post ahead.-

Okay, hiatus cancelled.
I'm just so bored, and blogging is an excellent way to waste time.

So... update, huh?

I MAY not go to camp.
May not.
Daddy says no, but a senior is gonna try to persuade dad.
Personally, I think it's futile.
But oh-wells.
Hope I can go though.

Lets see.

Random images from the last day of school until today.
*takes picture*
Serene =D At some random kopitiam with Ik Pei and Natasha.
Mini SAR. Lester the casualty.The dying guy is looking this way! (got play phone again)
Babye dying guy. (still got handphone)

At kopi-o-korner with Azreena.(=.= is that how u spell it?)
The roti canai there so nice la.
Group flag. Not yet finish painting.

..I feel so emo la after seeing the pictures.

I wanna go, but I don't wanna go.
Tambah lagi, I can't go.
But I might.
I just might.

Does that make sense to you?

I went to Sarawak Plaza last weekend.
Found this keychain in some random shop.
So I bought it.
I named it Axl Rose.
Named after the lead singer and co-founder of Guns N' Roses.
Got pink spots also.
Heh. So comel xD

There's another keychain. Bought it from Urban Living.
Its a cat.
I named it Tracii Guns.
After the other co-founder of Guns N' Roses.

Gosh, I'm bored.

Deviantart is ♥
I go there everyday now.
Fav-ing every pretty picture I see.

I finally mastered the art of png-ing.
I always thought that I had to erase the background using eraser.
Then while surfing online, I stumbled upon a png-ing tutorial.
I finally found out about the lasso tool.

Finished png-ing burupya.
Burupya! ♥

Lastly, my family in pahang has finally acquired a webcam.
So we're like webcamming everyday now.
I miss the pulut rendang there. )=

I don't think you can fully understand this post.
Oh wells.

Hey, hey,

Bro so funny.