Friday, July 24, 2009



Watashino namaewa Betsy desu.

Mierah to yondene.

I ga itai.


Good evening.

My name is Betsy.

Call me Mierah.

I have a tummy ache.


Monday, July 20, 2009


PMR is in exactly two months and eleven days.
Panicking like hell.

Today, there was a test for agama class.
It was about the sirah and tamadun.
In other words, islamic history.

We were told to study ALL the sirah & tamadun chapters for PMR year.
So we did.
We studied non-stop in class.
I even studied during recess.
Me and Eleena freaked out during KH.
Last period ma.
The exam was held during luar sidang.

So after all that studying, we went to the surau.
It was locked.
So me and Eleena and Ezzah bought nyam nyam and sat there with the others to wait for 20 mins.
Then, when we finally got in.
The questions were written on the white board.
The questions were from the first sirah chapter.
And 0nly the first one.
I was like. f*****g h*ll.
All that studying. Was for nothing.

Breenaaaa I loooooveeee youuuu.

I looooooveee nana also!

I looooveeeee manda, and mimi, and and and and everyone (with a short form of their names cos I lazy write long long one)!!!!

I love the whole world, it's such a pretty place, bum-de-ah-dah

Stress is driving me crazy.
Or maybe it was the mushrooms I ate,

Now, on to stress relief.

Ignore everything after this sentence.

ZIRAFAH. So kiut. OMG.
Toad so ugly. UGH.
I wanna deer!

So I must work hard.
So I can get rich.
And buy myself a pony.
Have a pamelo farm.
Own a vineyard.
Build a white house with bronze giraffes at the gate.
Buy a humongous koi fish.
Buy lots and lots and lots of macadamia nuts.
And go out shopping with friends, duh.


Oh yeah, manda-manda didn't go school today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The bonker-ism is hereditary.

It was 9 in the morning, and I was sleeping peacefully.

Phone: *bum-de-ya-da song (ringtone)*
Me: Woke up and answered the phone. *yawn* hellooo?
Dad: *singing some song*
Me: .....bah? (I call my parents mama and abah. go on. laugh.) what the...
Dad: *continues singing*
-I hung up-
Phone: *I love the whole world, and all it's sights and sounds, bum-de-ya-da-bum-de-ya-da*
Me: Picks up phone. In half-dead mode.
Dad: *tolonglah bukak pintu, si anak* Sang to some malay song's tune. Dad changed the lyrics.
Me:...? huh. I wanna sleep. Go away.
-I hung up again-
Phone rings again.
Me: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad??
Dad: Open the door laaa. I sang for so long.

You see, every Saturday morning, daddy goes golfing at 6 a.m, usually returning around noon. He comes home early whenever my bro and I don't have extra activities to bring us to kopitiam for breakfast. He usually forgets the housekey. Usually we sleep until 10. So our kakak always opens the door. But today she was cleaning my parent's bathroom, so she couldn't hear him.
Hahahahhahaha. So kesian daddy.