Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tomorrow is raya.
Holy crap.
Tomorrow is actually raya.

My house is actually clean.
The shoe rack is shining.
yes, it's something we do every year. polish the shoe rack.

Now the only thing I am dreading is visiting my ugh aunts. And grandaunts.

I really don't wanna see them.
It's not like I detest them or something.
I just do.

Have you read Harry Potter?
You know the Auntie Muriel?
My aunts are EXACTLY like that.
Why on earth do they gossip so much anyway?

Just now, my parents and siblings left me alone while I was bathing to go to my aunts house.
So as usual, I sulked.
I ate a lot few of the raya cookies.

So I watched Lord Of the Rings on the comp while drinking iced tea and munching on raya cookies.

Oooh, I hear fireworks.

Booo busy-body aunts.

My mum dragged me downstairs to trim one of our mini palm tree-like thing.
I got bored.
Went off and painted a piece of wood.
Its actually quite entertaining.

My dad has acquired a new habit of going to my room at exactly 11 p.m every night to make sure I'm asleep.
After that, he pulls out the internet line (which is in his room) so I can't go online.
Smart dad.
Unfortunately for him, I download movies.
I have more than 30 now.
So I usually have some kind of snack stashed somewhere in my room to enjoy with a late night movie.

Headphones, I love you.

Again, open house is on Thursday. Ask me for the map.
Must come ya?



I dunno lah.
Even though its all over.
I still feel like punching a few people.
Nevermind la.

Today, i'm gonna go to my grandma's house to help her make rendang, serunding, and...and...other stuff.
Its gonna take hours to strip all the beef.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Open House.

Hey guys.

I am sooo sorry.
But the open house date has been changed. Again.
Its back to Thursday.

I know, I know.
Its been changed twice.
But if the open house is on the fourth day, then we can't have rendang, serunding, and all the other yummy food its the reason people come, anyway, since my grandma makes it on the day before raya, and unless you want a stomachache, it's on the second day.
So, yeah.

I'm gonna help grandma make the rendang


Friday, September 26, 2008

Yeah =D

Well, now I'm happy again.


Raya is near.
I shall feel very-oh-so-depressed if you don't come.

So you must come.

Yeah, me too.

Sorry again!!

Sorry for crying,
Sorry for making a fuss,
Sorry for not being there,
But its just one time.
Just the one.
Won't you forgive me?


Well, now that its been almost sorted out, (i think)

Then here, a new set of sorries.

Sorry for being a constant pain for you.
Sorry for asking when you weren't there.
Sorry for makng trouble.
Sorry because I thought you didn't care.
Sorry for misunderstanding you.
Sorry If I hurt you.
Sorry for all the mistakes I've done.

Sorry for messing up your life.

And what on earth made you think I didn't care?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Another great video from youtube

Though its not suitable for children, if you know what I mean.

This is though.



I was really bored, so I made a header for my blog.

Is it okay?

and another for Tikah, and another for her sister.

I was still bored, so me and Tikah decided to prank some of her foreign friends.

Here was the modus operandi.
I was the mastermind, hatching the plans and writing the script.
She, was the bait. Or rather the trap. Luring unsuspecting victims into a conversation with both of us (through MSN).

First victim: Kelsey*, a friend of tikah, as the victim. The story was that I am Tikah's half-sister and my mummy died. By choking on a carrot. I know the storyline is a bit too much, what with my mummy dying, but I don't mean it, of course. All in the name of good humour.
Here's the conversation.

Tiqah- = Tikah, obviously
Kelsey= Kelsey*

-Tiqah - says:
Hey, do you wanna talk with my best friend?

Kelsey says:

Kelsey says:

-Tiqah - says:
she's not my bestfriend, sorry, I typed wrong

-Tiqah - says:
she's my half sister

Kelsey says:

-Tiqah - says:
we have the same dad

MOO-ER has been added to the conversation.

Kelsey says:

-Tiqah - says:

-Tiqah - says:
mirah, Kelsey. Kelsey, mirah

-Tiqah - says:

MOO-ER says:
oh, hello

Kelsey says:

MOO-ER says:
You too

-Tiqah - says:

MOO-ER says:
im tikah's half-sister

Kelsey says:

Kelsey says:

Kelsey says:

MOO-ER says:
oh, well

MOO-ER says:
im living with her family now

MOO-ER says:

Kelsey says:

MOO-ER says:
my mum oassed away

MOO-ER says:

Kelsey says:

MOO-ER says:
she choked

MOO-ER says:
one a carrot

MOO-ER says:

Kelsey says:

Kelsey says:

Then, I called her and we laughed like hell.

------2nd victim-----
Name changed to 'Beatrice'

This time, I wanted to commit suicide. Tikah was my bestfriend who was desperately trying to persuade me to do otherwise. Beatrice was forced into the convo. xD
Poor girl.

-Tiqah- = Tikah
Beatrice= Beatrice*

-Tiqah - says:

Beatrice says:
yes?, where can I help you?

-Tiqah - says:
my friend

-Tiqah - says:
she wants to kill herself

-Tiqah - says:
can you help me cheer her up??

-Tiqah - says:
please, you're the only one online in my msn

Beatrice says:

-Tiqah - says:
please, ill add her in the convo okay?

-Tiqah - says:
i can't handle this myself

Beatrice says:
oh my God

MOO-ER has been added to the conversation.

Beatrice says:
but I can do?

MOO-ER says:

-Tiqah - says:
mirah, control yourself

MOO-ER says:
you seriously are destroying my life!!

-Tiqah - says:
Beatrice , please tell her to stop

MOO-ER says:
i can't take it anymore!!

MOO-ER says:
U freaks ruin my life!!

MOO-ER says:
oh, you're ignoring me now

MOO-ER says:
MOO-ER says:
then leave me to die

MOO-ER says:
I thought that you cared!

Beatrice says:
oh my god... girl stop

MOO-ER says:

MOO-ER says:
its not worth it anymore!

-Tiqah - says:
mirah, even my friend say it's not worth killing yorself

-Tiqah - says:
right, Beatrice ?

MOO-ER says:
why not?!

MOO-ER says:
i don't have anything left!

-Tiqah - says:
don't say that

MOO-ER says:
Why not?!

MOO-ER says:
my family's already abandoned me!
-Tiqah - says:
no, you still have your friends

Beatrice says:
... not as you think your whole family loves you just do not be so displays

MOO-ER says:
they left me

MOO-ER says:
im all alone now

-Tiqah - says:
but i don't

MOO-ER says:
you're my friend

MOO-ER says:
it doesn't count

-Tiqah - says:
you see, even ana ask you to stop
MOO-ER says:
the others just left me anyway

MOO-ER says:
its not worth it anymore

MOO-ER says:
bye, tiqs

-Tiqah - says:
hey hey

-Tiqah - says:
don't do that

Beatrice says:

Beatrice says:
please do not comets girl crazy

-Tiqah - says:
Beatrice , what should I do?

Okay, this is Tikah's convo with Beatrice:

Beatrice says:

Beatrice says:
Your friend needs a psychologist urgent!

Beatrice says:

-Tiqah - says:

-Tiqah - says:
oh my god

-Tiqah - says:
please help me

Beatrice says:
I'm doing everything possible

Beatrice says:
:O O.O

-Tiqah - says:
help me say something

-Tiqah - says:
you're the only one who's online =(

Beatrice says:
I'm doing everything possible .... your friend does not answer

-Tiqah - says:
jaaa ><

Beatrice says:
I'm sorry

-Tiqah - says:
okay, im calling ambulance now

-Tiqah - says:
they say they are on the way

-Tiqah - says:
just pray that she's okay =(

-Tiqah - says:
n I havda go now

-Tiqah - says:
sorry for disturbing u

Beatrice says:
no ... no problem

Beatrice says:

Beatrice says:
take care


Conversations were taken from Tikah's blog as had I forgotten to copy the conversation before closing the windows.

* Names changed to protect privacy. Even though there is very little chance of you actually knowing these people, what with them being foreign and all, I just thought it'd be better.

I feel mean. xD

I got tagged. Twice. At least I don't have to do 200 questions *shrugs*.
Curse the person who created this.

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and tag 10 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse. And after answering all the 100 question, they have to give the one who tagged them the link. The one who’ve been tagged before don’t have to do it once more.

01 Name: Amirah

02 Sex: Female

03 Email address: mierah_is_me@live.com.my/mierah94@gmail.com

04 Birthdate: 02 August 1994

05 Family: There's the cow(me), the geek(bro), the brat(sis), the golfer(dad) and the lady boss(mum)

06 Height: 165cm

07 Weight: ................try weighing a cow

08 Something good about yourself : I'm alive. Oh wow. Rejoice.

09 Something bad about yourself: I'm faaat

10 Describe your personality in one word : A.D.D. (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

11 Celebrities that you like: Axl Rose

12 Songs you like: Brightdown, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine

13 Fav. Season: Autumn

14 Games you’re good at: ....orisinal.com

15 My ideal woman or man : Edward Cullen

16 If you have to choose between same age/older/younger: A bit older

17 Your mood right now: ...indifferent

18 What you have in your pocket right now: No pockets

19 Sleeping out: Huh?

20 Alcohol tolerance: I've never drunk

21 Drinking habits: I consume 3 5 tall glasses of tea everyday

22 How old were you the first time you drank: I don't drink

23 When do you want to get married: Maybe 25

24 About my singing: No one's ever lived to tell the tale

25 About my dancing: The hole in the floor was NOT caused by my dancing

26 Something I want these days: PS3, Complete Sims2 Collection, A camera

27 When you’re home alone: Muuuvies ♥

28 When you’re standing in front of the mirror: Did I get fatter?

29 Clothes you’re wearing right now: ....a sack and a bucket with holes for hands and head

30 How much money do you have in your wallet: 60 something bucks

31 What you want to buy for your girlfriend/ boyfriend : *whistles* huh? wad?

32 Does height matter to you: ....maybe?? does it?

33 What song do you sing when you go to sing karaoke: ABBA songs

34 What would you do if you had plans with your friend but they never showed up: {/knife}

35 What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you: {/machine gun}

36 How long will you be able to wait for the person you love: ...don wan so long. later i old.

37 First kiss: Ew.

38 A feature you feel doesn’t need to be fixed: Hand

39 Feature you feel should be fixed: Everything else

40 People you miss the most right now: Friends

41 First love: ALEENN!

42 When you cried the most: Last year

43 When do you feel you’re grown up: Walking around alone

44 What you don’t like: Pervertism

45 When you felt happy: A few times

46 When you were most flabbergasted: Earlier this year

47 Best looking person of the opposite gender you’ve seen so far: ALLEN

48 Why aren’t you going out with anyone: Its 1.20 a.m.

49 What you feel towards that person: *farts*

50 What would you say to the people actually reading this: Are you actually reading this?!

51 Something you’re most worried about: Exams

52 When do you look most weak: ...while eating? I get distracted so people can punch me all they want.

53 How do you NOT get dumped: Dump first

54 3 things a person NEEDS: ALLEN, LAVI, KANDA

60 Favorite TV program: Dirty Jobs, House, Scrubs

61 Movie that pissed you off: Borat

62 Movie you watched with most meaning: .....the chipmunks

63 Most recent movie watched: Casino Royale

64 Movie you want to recommend: Casino Royale!

65 If you could become a character inside a movie: Bella XD

66 How many net cafes are you a member to: Never been to one

67 Which do you go to most often: ..maybe i'll ask my bro to take me with him sometime.

68 What you feel about this cafe? : Look up.

69 What you want to say to the starter of the cafe?: Moo.

70 You believe it is okay to marry someone else to save the person that you love: *twitch*

71 What would you do if your parents didn’t bless your decision to get married: ....*poke*poke* "cmon, daddy, pleeeaaseeeee??"

72 Do you think you’re a player: Pokemon player!!

73 What time do you wake up: 12 pm

74 When you go to sleep: 4 am-7am

75 If someone you met for the first time asked for your number: give la.

76 What would you do if you liked someone at a meeting: Talk to them?

77 Celebrity you want to go out with: ...i don wanna go out with celebrities. airheads.

78 How many kids do you want: Depends

79 Something you really want to be good at: GUITAR

80 What I want to be in 10 years: Doctor, brain surgeon

81 Someone you’re jealous of right now: Bella

82 A word that you use a lot: *snort*

83 What I do when I first wake up: Go pee

84 What would you do if you picked up a million dollars: MPH, here I come.

85 What would you do if you became invisible: Steal food.

86 Singer you think is the best singing live: Axl Rose

87 Singers you don’t understand why they even sing: er....um.....some malay guy i heard on the radio. My ears were bleeding.

88 A kind of man you don’t like: Pervert

89 A kind of woman you don’t like: Airheads

90 What would you do if you found someone you love more than the person you’re dating right now:
......tell the guys the truth

91 What would you feel if you met someone you’ve broken up with: *picks nose* *booger missile*

92 Most important possession: Phone

93 What you do when you go online: Open 4 tabs :friendster, blogspot, DeviantArt, and onemanga

94 What surprised you the most: How do flies land upside down?

95 What you do when you can’t fall asleep: .......read

96 What do you think you were in your past life: Bozo the Clown/Elvis

97 If you were to be born again: Luis Marden

98 What are you going to do after you finish this: Go surf the net

99 How honest were you: Extremely honest

100 What do you want to say: *yawn*

1. Amanda

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Xiaxue on a Nightmare date

Found this video by accident.
Extremely amusing.

Guy:"and a card made especially by me and my friends"
Xiaxue:"Why is the card for me but it has a picture of you on it?"
Guy:"and before you read the thing, here's for you" *gives her a balloon*
Xiaxue:"oh, okay thanks *weird face*"
Guy:"I hope you have a happy balloon day"

My Moo buddy

I just found out.
That there is a Mr Hyde in Chris.
It comes out only when she's sleepy, or when she gets her braces tightened.
And a few other reasons.


Sca-reee man,


If you read this, don't be mad, Chris, all in good humour,
and I know you love me


Friday, September 19, 2008

Bangga person

Jocey and Chris can use these as they like, others, if you want, you'll have to ask.

Tho I can't think of any reason why others would want these xDD

Thursday, September 18, 2008


A conversation with Chris.
This is how it usually goes.

MOO-ER says:
when can u finish?
*christine says:
dunno dunno
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
estimate laaa
MOO-ER says:
1 day kaa
MOO-ER says:
2 day kaa
MOO-ER says:
a week ka
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
MOO-ER says:
add background niaa
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
i knew that would come up
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:
MOO-ER says:
*christine says:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My mum's excuse for not letting me out.
Why would you need to get so friendly?
They're gonna forget about you when you're in university anyway.

You know what?

I can actually imagine being friends with them when I'm like, 70.
Because I care about them.

Hey, Friends Forever, right?


Sorry If I don't spend much time with you guys.


I don get it also.
But I don't want it.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now, I was surfing through listverse.com, and found this interesting list. 20 fantastically named people. And I found this veeeery interesting name.

Mr Thomas Crapper

seriously. I'm not crapping you.

Crapper was a noted English plumber who made significant contributions towards the improvement of the flushing toilet. He held many toilet related patents, including the floating ballcock, and founded the plumbing company Crapper and Co. He died in 1910. Mr Crapper is pictured above. (taken from listverse.com)

Oh, the irony.
If you didn't get it, you're so thick, a rhino can charge at you and end up like a pug.


*wipes tears*

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I was surfing around in YouTube.
And I found this user called expertvillage.
This user.....posts vids for.........almost everything.

If you think i'm exaggerating,

How to attract women

How to survive a zombie attack

How to survive prison

How to talk trash (how to curse)

How to potty train toddlers

How to use....get this.....NUNCHUCKS

So whenever you need to survive a zombie attack, or you wanna kick butt with nunchucks like Chuck Norris, Expertvillage is the place for you.

Btw, they also teach you how to do acupuncture, how to play fireworks, and basically everything you might just ever not need to do in your life.


I found this recipe for cupcakes with a molten chocolate core.

I shall chose a few people to be my victims testers.

The ones that are OF COURSE on the list..............


Be afraid, be veeeery afraaaaiid.



Saturday, September 13, 2008


The petition above is for the manga Double Arts.
It is an awesome manga and I wanna know the ending!!
The manga was cancelled so people are petitioning for it to be continued.
Support Double Arts!!
If you don't read manga, just sign the thing for me, kay?


Click here for the manga. It's worth reading, I promise xD


It's 6.30.
The sun is up.
Which made it official.
I have not slept a wink last night.
And curiously enough, I don't feel sleepy either.
Though I did walk into the wall - twice.


Ah, I feel like fainting.
But looookieee
no eyebags!

Friday, September 12, 2008


For this post, I shall talk about the Twilight series, that's taking
the world Smk St Teresa's form 2 by storm.

Since I am too lazy to write the summary, I copied from wikipedia.

"Twilight is a series of vampire-based fantasy/romance/horror novels by American author Stephenie Meyer. It follows the adventures of Isabella Swan, a teenager who moves to Forks, Washington and finds her life turned upside-down when she falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen."

I asked a few students including me and by vote, the most hated book is Eclipse.
I'm not saying that its bad, I'm just saying that the book ending is. so. wrong. *shiver*

Anyway, the first book, twilight, was first published in 2005 (what the heck?).
I had no idea that the book was so.....old.

Here is Edward and Bella.
Aren't they HOT?
Though bella doesn't look that pretty in the trailers.

The guy playing Edward looks familiar.
I thought of Cedric Diggory.
Brina's post confirmed it.
Yay brina! xD

Here are the so-called-devastatingly-beautiful Cullens.
They're not exactly ugly, but devastatingly hot, they're not.
Though Edward and Emmet is not bad.
I wanted Rosalie to be more pretty. :(

Ah, nevermind. As long as they can act.

Erm, here are my comments on the books:

1. Twilight: AWESOME!! Its soo good. Edward was a bit annoying tho. xD

2. New Moon: I wanted to break Edward's neck in the beginning. This book is quite nice, tho emo. Edward made up for it in the end :D. Btw, ewww Jacob *strangles*.

3. Eclipse: I find Jacob quite annoying. *takes machine gun and blasts Jacob off the face of mother earth*. Edward is quite sweet though. So far, the most disappointing book.

4. Breaking Dawn: Haven't read it yet. Getting it today. YAY EDWARD & BELLA!!

Btw, I read a spoiler.
you shall understand when you finish the series.

Must buy!!

Raid your bank accounts!
Smash your piggy banks!
Beg your parents for money!


(I know, I'm quite biased, but sorry Jacob, can't help it. I hate you with a passion)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am a freaky {cow.pig.rat} thing.
Fear me for I shall eat you.


I'm just bored
Decided to post about
5 cool lame facts about Mierah

Fact number 1.
The longest bath she has ever taken was over three hours.

Fact number 2.
She has been trying to fart the alphabet ever since she found out that it was possibble.

Fact number 3.
She sleeps with a pillow under her head, another above her head, another on her tummy, another on her feet, another as a bolster, and two bolsters on each side of her.

Fact number 4.
She hates sushi. and the colour orange

Fact number 5.
She is the most laziest parasite ever to walk on the face of the earth.

Bonus fact:
Lately, the parasite has shown obsession in these words=


Clearly, she has too much time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I was surfing the net, and found this.


Super funny! But it contains rude language, so for the *ahem* weak hearted, better not dude.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

*butt cramp!*

So I was downstairs doing homework just now.
Sat on that veeeery itchy carpet for a while.
When I went up, my butt felt numb.
Then it felt like I had........ semut-semut?
I have no idea how to explain this in english.
But what matters most, is that I feel like tearing my butt off right now.
*the agonieeeee*

*sniff**sniff* another lesson learned, children.

*tears butt off*

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I wanna make my own layout :(
Everyone is making their own.

I'm gonna code my own and post it up by the end of next week.
Now, I need a theme.
Any ideas? :D
My mum has been ranting about how I used up 90 bucks in a week for my phone bill.
That was in the week before I changed to prepaid.
Now i'm back to postpaid.

Anyway, even I, the user, thought that was impossible.
I mean like in a week?!

The account statement came today.
A large portion of the 90 bucks came from smses.

So........... I hope that will explain why i'm not answering anyone's sms.
Cause if you have problems and you wanna talk, then you will have to call.
And if you wanna talk crap.....depends on who you are :D


Saturday, September 6, 2008



I am now obsessed with Orisinal.com

It's so adorable!

I like the bell and squirrel game the best :D

I showed it to my sis and she practically dragged me out of the chair.
Then she insisted that I teach her how to play.

Daddy went to buy Sugarbun for break fast(? :3).
I pretended to sleep so that I won't have to babysit sis.
She was playing the game on my desktop.
So bro had to come and watch her.
Then, while sis went down to wave good-bye to dad.
Bro went to the comp, and to my amusement, played the squirrel game.
With much enthusiasm, might I add.

He beat my highscore.
He got 300.


After he went away, I played again and got 800.
Beat that bro.


Friday, September 5, 2008

DGM fangirl ♥


I know they're ugly.
I have too much time, and all I have is paint.

Oh woe is me :(

Fellow fangirls, forgive me for making allen look bad.

My favourite quote of the day:

Caps lock can't express my fangirly joy :D

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Raya, raya, raya! heee :D
26 days left!
I can't wait!!

Now, let me tell you a bit about my Raya family traditions.

On the first morning of Raya, daddy and bro goes to the mosque to pray while mum and I get ready, listen to Raya songs, and watch people pray in KL (TV).

I ♥ the takbir raya. Its so pretty :D

Then, when bro and dad come home, we all go down and eat breakfast.
Its usually lemang and rendang *drools*

After that, we take our yearly family photo.
Its usually in front of the flower painting in our living room.

And then, comes the duit raya.

Theeen, we go to our grandparents house to meet with the rest of the family.
There, we exchange more duit raya, then we go visiting seperately.

Oh, btw, at my grandparents house, me, Tikah, Daniel and Ella drink from super mini glasses/cups that our grandparents have. Its a mini family tradition xD

Then, when we go visiting, since we visit the same people, we usually bump into each other.
Then we go home in the evening cos its so bloody hot.

Then we go visiting again.
2nd day also visiting.

3rd day is open house :D

Come ah!

Oh, forgot to add something.
Usually 3 days before raya, the whole family goes to grandparents house
to play (what else) fireworks!
This happens everynight up until the night before raya.

We usually play bunga api (sparklers ) . Now, the little brats play that.
The bigger kids, being the law-abiding people that we are,
do not play illegal fireworks. Uh-huh. Nooo we don't.
(yeah right)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm bored


Monday, September 1, 2008

Baju Raya

Some of the best things about Raya, is of course the $$$ and new baju raya.
Oh, and forgiveness too la. *maaf dan zahir batin* xD

Today, the first day of the fasting month, my mummy and I went shopping for baju raya.
Usually I send the materials to tailor to make baju raya, but we got lazy this year so we'll just buy ready-made ones.

First, we went to Satok. We bought a crystal bracelet for my old maid in Indonesia, and then we went baju raya hunting. Sadly, there wasn't a lot of choices.

Then we went to the new S.E.S Pesona. The baju kurung there were amazing! The shop was soo sparkly and shiny. Most of the baju kurung were adorned with beads, hence the sparkliness. Anyway, me, being almost always bored and very sakai, went around taking pictures of the beading designs. Some of the shop assistants kept following me around. Lol. It was kinda funny. I had to sneak around and act like I was messaging someone. Then, I'll press the camera button. Sadly, the stupid shutter sound gave me away. Then, all of the shop assistants looked at me. They probably thought that I was a spy from some other shop. So I smiled at them and muttered "you have some really nice baju kurung" *grin* *walks away*.

Neways, here are some pictures

^ this is my favourite. The design is really complicated.

I bought this one x3

Here's the design close up.
The flower design :D

They're all sewn by hand. Isn't that amazing?

I shall go hunting for more soon. Gahahahahaha

I ♥ Raya!

Oh, yeah. I'm having open house again this year. Most probably on the third day. All of my friends, and my family's friends are invited. That includes seniors and juniors. xD
If you can come, ask me for the map, kay?

Must come!!