Wednesday, July 30, 2008

=3 random post

Yesterday, I felt sick.
Like wanna vomit and terhuyung-hayang liddat.
Then Manda took care of me.
She was a bit alarmed.
But I was so perky Em didn't believe me.
Em! How insulting!


I just woke up.
Just now, when I was half asleep, as usual, my mum came in to kiss me(on the cheek, mind you)
before going to work.
Then she told me that our phones got blocked.
That made my eyes snap open.
I stared incredulously at her.
Then I remembered that I still have the house phone.

So I think mummy better brace herself before opening this month's bill.

I'm sleepy
I haven't finished both kerja kursus yet.

I miss you.
Why you sleep so damn early?!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The bimbo

Amirah says:
ah, the bimbo has seen the light
Aaron says:
and hides from the path it leads to
Amirah says:
the bimbo is dragged back to 'the' path
Aaron says:
and accepts his fate
Aaron says:
as just the little bimbo he is
Aaron says:

oh, just cause, you bimbo

Battle of the bands

Today, I went to the battle of the bands. Just out of curiosity. Spent 10 bucks on the ticket. It was sooooo worth it. NOT.

The concert sucked, and all this one guy did was scream. I got a headache, and went out early to see my bro. He was in his class with Derek, Baxter, and this guy called Alistair.

We watched the St Joseph band from the class. They were quite good.

That's all.
I am lazy to write a longer version.


Ranting hour.

I just realised. It's not safe to contact me after 1 a.m. Because after 1, I get sleepy. And when I get sleepy, I get cranky. And when I get cranky, I rant my head off. Like the post before this. To those people on my msn who are usually still on9 after 12, you should know what I mean. I am fighting the itch to rant about a* *****. God, I really wanna rant about them. But I'll get a LOT of haters from that one.

..........i feel pissed! I wanna rant some more!!!

Why did my pure vanilla fiinish so fast?!?!
Why isit so good?!

Why are there so many colours?!
What are you trying to tell me?!?!

AH! A pimple!!

Lol. to people who didn't get it, watch how to be emo by nigahiga on youtube.

Three letters, one word


This has got to be the weirdest trend ever to exist on the face of planet earth. This, and maybe those HUGE hair during the Victorian era.

So you're claiming you're life sucks. What sucks about it? Bad grades? Parents who don't understand you? You have no friends? and the most popular one, you just broke up.

If it's bad grades, oh puh-lease. It's ur freakin fault for not studying harder. Get over it and get crackin.

Parents who don't understand you? (or so you claim) Look back, and think. think. think. The thing that you asked for may be unreasonable. Or else, they're too over-protective(like mine). In that case, screw rules. Just go out. But know your limits. Don't cross them.

You have no friends? Okay. This reason is stupid. If you have no friends, then go make some. Is it seriously that hard? Just go "hi, my name is ..." and voila! you have a friend.

Yeah. The ever popular reason. You just broke up with the "someone" that you thought was your fated person. That is sad. You can mope around for months, and I'll still support you. But, I beg you. Break-ups are not worth killing yourself over. It's stupid. If that person is your "fated" person or whatever, the she/he'll come back. If not, then, too bad.

I also don't get girls who chase after emo guys. Seriously, if my boyfriend was emo, I'd dump him. Isn't he supposed to be happy to have you as a girlfriend? Instead he's saying stuff like his life sucks and he wants to die. -.-""

It's not that i'm anti-emo. I have no prob with being friends with them. I have some emo friends, actually. I'm fine just as long as you don't try to point it out to me. I know you're emo. It's not exactly hard to miss. You don't need to underline it for me. You can cut youself or do any sick thing you wanna, just don't tell me. I don't need and don't wanna know.

Why do you need to be so emo? It's not a fashion statement. It makes you look half-dead . Don't worry, be happy :D

P.s: to emo friends of mine. please don't take offense. This is called freedom of speech. If you don't like it, then don't read it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sway, sway, *thump*

So today, I went to school early to help Sharon and Martha do the class noticeboard. They had tuition until 9.30, so after cutting out a few letters, I went to visit Hazel and Nadia at the sickroom.
Hazel and I went to sit outside and talk. Then, I saw Sheryl and her friend Emilia go into the sickroom. Hazel then followed them in. A few seconds later, she poked her head outside, asking me what to do. There was pencil lead buried in Sheryl's finger. All three of us were like, O.o.

We swiped the wound with antiseptic cream first, then I used the back of a pair of tweezers to squeeze out the lead. After much squeezing and and a lot of swearing by Sheryl, we managed to get most of the lead out. -.-". Sheryl threatened to kill Emilia (the person guilty for the injury) the whole time.

Poor Sheryl. Get well soon.

I have nothing to write about.
But I haven't written anything in a long time.
So I wrote about Sheryl, who is obviously not me.
If she reads this, please do not kill me Sheryl.

Oh, wait. I DO have a story about myself.
To those people who were wondering where I was the whole day today.
First, I went to luar sidang at 11.30.
Then I was sleeping at sickroom during recess.
Then I went home early.
I was too sleepy ba.
I almost fell into the longkang on the way to KH.



Thursday, July 17, 2008

What I did today

Today I woke up at 7 am to go to Michelle's house to prepare for a presentation. Took a bath. While putting on clothes, one of my glasses' glass (O.o) fell out. It rolled under the cupboard. Brina was already here to pick me up, so I ran downstairs half-blind, grabbed my bag and some random school books, and ran to the car.

At Michelle's house I had a headache from lack of sleep, so while the others took turns preparing the presentation, I just dozed off in a chair. We also played the piano and watched a movie =D. Brina went home early though. At 9.30 a.m.

After Brina went home, Michelle and Claire decided to learn how to do the 6-step. So we did it on the patio xD.

After that, the three of us decided to call KFC for delivery. We got the phone number for KFC Seberkas from the internet. This was how the conversation went.

me: "Hello, may I order for delivery please?"
KFC guy:"........apa?"
me: "I'd like to order for delivery"
KFC guy:" apa? "
me:" delivery, hantar makanan bah"
KFC guy:" oh, hantar makanan"
*leaves the phone while shouting at his friends asking if they offer delivery services*
*few minutes later*
"oh, sorry, we do not offer delivering services"

I think Claire shouted "It took you people THAT long to figure that out?!"

Neways, I got the number for KFC Tabuan Jaya. Same thing happened.
Then we called for pizza.

Claire and Amy had to go as soon as I hung up.

So Michelle and I ate, and changed.

Then Alicia came with her mum to pick us up


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I want this for my birthday
School today

I have nothing to write about, so I'm writing about today

First was perhimpunan.
The Cikgu Sita said something about students should not come if they think they are sick because it burdens the RC members and prefects. I say, hey, I don't mind. It gets me to skip perhimpunan. Besides that, the winner of the Pertandingan Keceriaan Kelas is 1A1 again. Free Hartz Buffet is flying away.

Then we went up to class. Walked with Bren. First period was BM. Puan Chua asked us to write an amusing story with at least 15 words that start with "ber-". So Mich and Al decided to 'jual' my nama. The whole group made up an oh-so-amusing story about me falling down on my way back to school, and scattering my books. Then this dude with silver hair and purple (yes, purple) shoes helps me to pick them up and gives me a ride home. We fell in love. 5 years later, we are happily married with twins....Isn't purple the international gay colour? Mich later told me that she wonders if my twins would have grey hair or bronze.

Then we went down for science. I was in such a hurry I took my math textbook down instead. I was too lazy to walk up again, so I just pretended that it was a science textbook while doodling inside it. Teacher gave us a few pages of work, didn't do it. Before we went up, she asked us to copy some notes, didn't do it.

Went up, had Math. Stared at the whiteboard daydreaming while teacher was explaining some stuff. Did some exercises, and forgot what teacher asked us to do for homework.

Rehat bell rang, so I grabbed my lunch and ran to Manda who was waiting outside her classroom. She took one of my nuggets, and we proceeded with Tiqah and Darlyne to the usual spot. There the rest of the gang was eating away. I stole a bite from Hilda's sandwich, and ran away from requests for my nuggets. Manda gave me a toy from her keropok. =D

We went up when the second bell rang. I changed into the leadership camp shirt and three-quarter pants and went to the dewan for PJ. There was segak again today. After finishing my turn, I ran away to the piano where Danielle was playing. I was awed after hearing her play. She is seriously good!

Bell rang signaling the end of the period. Walked back to class with Al, Nana and Chris. Passed by 2A2. There was no teacher. Went in and drank from Amanda's bottle. She wouldn't have noticed but Darlyne had to go and shout my name. So I had to go run away from Manda's shouting. After that was Geo. I think I slept. No, I took some notes. Then I kinda dozed off. I didn't sleep. Just kinda in a trance. While daydreaming. A new form of sleeping.

After Geo, I ran away again to 2A2 and this time, Manda gave me her bottle and told me to drink all of it. So I did. And then I showed the bottle proudly to Chris, who laughed.

Packed my bag and hurried to Agama Class with Brina. New ustazah was there. I think she was offended because when I sat, the three-quarter pants I wore looks like knee-length shorts when I sit down, so maybe she thought I wore shorts to Agama Class.

After PI, I bumped into Sarah, Shannen and the rest, so we walked to the gate together.

Then I walked to the carpark. I felt so lonely. BECKY!!! Ask your parents to pick you up at carpark la... It's so lonely!

Then I went home, drank Iced tea, and ordered for delivery pizza. Ate three slices, and Is now writing this.



P.s: I hate spelling and grammar errors, so If I have any, comment me and i'll fix it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

There's no time like the present

Yeah, I just came back from school. Yeah, it's Saturday.

I'm pissed right now, so I'm gonna rant. School sucks, life sucks. Yeah, that's what I would usually say. Until I found this pic a few days ago.

So you think your life sucks? Tell that to him. See what he does to you.

So continuing on, today, I arrived just before school started. Then, I didn't pay any attention at all during english. I ate cookies during recess. Then I took care of Latisha who was sick in the sickroom. I skipped geography and half of maths. No problem with geo, since brina told me they did nothing, and I can just learn maths by myself.

Now, the Latisha story. She was sick. She was shaking. Apparently it was cold. So we wrapped her in a blanket. We didn't give her panadol, because, for some reason, she can't consume panadol. Then she insisted to be brought back to class. Since she was still looking sick, I told her to just stay in the sickroom. Still, she insisted that she was alright, and wanted to go back to class. I was worried, so I accompanied her to class. There, she took her seat. Which was right under the fan. And her classmates started dissing her (effin brats). Latisha then started crying. So the teacher and I had to persuade her to go down again.

After this, what happened is to be kept a secret, so if you wanna know, ask me in person.

Bottom line is, the teachers did something that made me angry.

Yeah, I saw what happened to a certain girl, so I don't dare to post anything more.

Till next tym ♥

Friday, July 11, 2008

Snores in school

Okay, this is a post about yesterday.

The night before yesterday, I slept at 12. Then yesterday morning, the alarm went off at 6 a.m wih the song "I feel good by James Brown". You know, the one that goes "yeah! I feel good, tene tene tene te! like sugar and spice, tene tene tene te!" freakin annoying. It was really cold, and the shower has a heater, so I was really reluctant to get out of the toilet.

I threw on a pair of jeans and the RC shirt. Then I followed my bro to school.

I was reaally sleepy, and was looking forward to resting in the sickroom. No one usually comes, anyway. But that day, I had around 6 people staying in the sickroom, and had to treat around 13 people. I couldn't sleep a wink. My junior was nowhere to be seen.

After duty, I had to change and run off to luar sidang, then I went up to the dewan with Brina for perhimpunan. I was nodding off that time.

After going up to class, I slept for almost two periods. THANK GOD there were two free periods.

After school, I went to visit my little cousin Elisa who's in the hospital. There, I helped Daniel(14) and Shahrin(12) with their homework. They're Elisa's brothers.

Then, I went home, took a bath, and collapsed on my bed.

the. end.

It goes ouch and crack

This is a post about the ever popular and oh-so-hated SEGAK.

I was REALLY lazy to post this, but since everyone's writing about it, and I like to go with the flow~ so. yeah.

SEGAK happened on wednesday.

We had to do naik turun bangku and tekan tubi.

Naik turun bangku really hurts, when you're as fat as me.

I did almost 20 tekan tubi, then teacher went "salah! salah! that won't count!"

Oh, crappers.

Then Eleena and I played on the exercise mat while the others did their turns.

We tried to do handtands. I only got it for a few seconds....or did I? And then we tried to roll along the mat. I tried, and rolled to the side.

That day, I almost died. God, thank you for giving me another chance xD
Name 20 people randomly.At the end of the survey, choose 5 people to do the survey.Don't read the questions, but name the 20 people first
1. Manda
2. Brina
3. Tikah
4. Sarah Jane
5. Eleena
7. Aaron G.
8. Jesslyn
9. Christine
10. Ezzah
11. Farah
12. Fyza
13. Emmeline
14. Adeline
15. Martha
16. Sharon
17. Erich
18. Jess
19. Phoebe
20. Sabrina Ku
1. How did you meet number 18?
-Jess- Er, leadership camp 07' i think
2. What will you do if you have not met number 17?
-Erich- I..........would..never have nicknamed myself the blue hippo?
3. What if number 9 and 20 dated? [Christine and Sabrina Ku?!]
- Eh, they're straight as far as I know
4. What if number 5 and 10 dated? (Eleena and ezzah)
- Again, both girls
5. Describe number 1.
-Manda- Gila, random and talks crap XD
6. Do you think number 8 is attractive?
- Ahahaha, yea, for the record, i'm straight too, but jesslyn is preetie and taaaaal'
7. Describe number 7.
- Aaron G.- my mental conscience
8. Do you know any family members of 12?
-Fyza- No siblings, and i've never met her parents
9. What language does number 15 speak?
- Martha- English, but sometimes sarawak-malay
10. Who is number 9 hanging out with?
- Christine? er...eleena, i think. wait, i don't think, i know.
11. How old is number 16?
- Sharon- 14, sebaya la
12. When was the last time you spoke to number 13?
- Emmeline- yesterday
13. Who's number 2 favourite singer/band?
- Brina? I dono bo
14. Have you ever dated number 4?
-Sarah jane- ewww im still straight.
15. Would you ever date number 19?
- Phoebe- still not bengkok.
16. Is number 3 single?
- Tikah- *ahem* bill *ahem*
17. What is number 10's last name?
-Ezzah- Er...i dono her dad's name
18. Would you ever be in a relationship with number 11?
-Brina- What's with all the gay questions?
19. What is the school of number 13?
- Emmeline is in st3
20. Where does number 6 stay?
- Shannen- no idea
21. What is your favourite thing about number 5?
- Eleena- Random and fun ^^
22. Have you ever seen number 14 naked?
-Adeline- Er......... NO -.-""

I tag-
-Val L.

Yeah, i know, i changed something. I just thought that it was embarrassing, so I changed it. To the people who notice the change, just shush, kay?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

KH Kerja Kursus, again

Today, Tiqah came to to my house at about 9. She brought her kerja kursus with her. It was horrible XD . I beautified it. We spent the whole morning working on it. Then, we took turns taking baths (she brought her uniform) and then we ate while doing some last-minute homework XP.

I painted the tokio hotel design on it.
Aint it purdy? =D

This is what happened to my patio


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The things I treasure

To other people, some of the things i treasure would be called junk.
They are, actually, but I treasure them anyways.


This is a pouch thing from manda. It's not really a pouch, cos it has no openings. More like a pillow. Hee =D


This is a bookmark from my sis. It's kinda weird, and I am torn between calling it a bear or a rabbit. Ain't it cute?


This is a necklace I bought while shopping in KL with brina. She has one with the letter 'S'. My first experience of shopping with a friend. Yeah, that's kinda sad.


No.4 would be the golden box I got from grandma. It's pretty =3

All in all, I treasure my family & my friend, and they're not junk XD

Yeah, you can tell I am reaaaly bored. Parents are out, and everyone but me is sleeping.

No means no means no

Everytime. Every shitty time.

Mooom, can I go out with my friends? no.
Mooom, can I go to my friend's house? No.
Mooom, can my friends come to our house? NO.

Yeah. I know it looks like i'm some bratty teenager who complains about everything and appreciates nothing. But this....
I can't get out of my house unless to school OR I have a family member with me OR a special occasion (e.g birthdays, and such)

I am 14. I am a blue tip in tae kwan do. I was invited to go out in a group of usually 5 or more. But still, the "later people kidnap you" excuse stands tall.

Shitty excuse. Shitty kidnappers.

I've only been out with my friends two time in my whole life. Well, there was another time, but they were my bro's friends. TWO EFFIN' TIME. I can actually count it.

My birthday is coming soon. I just really wanna spend a day with my friends. It's just KGS. Who the hell gets kidnapped there? And it'll be with 10 people. It's also a 2minute drive from my house. When I asked my dad, he was like, "oh, I don't know". I'm even gonna pay for everything.

So pray for me, people. Let's hope I get the thumbs up =D


Monday, July 7, 2008


Tagged(again) okay. I may have wanted to be tagged, but's like that calm before the storm.


People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
Tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

If your lover betrayed you, what would your reactions be ?
-Arh, screw talking. Track him down and beat him up

If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
-Like i said, to know the ending of naruto

Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?

Are you confused of what lies ahead of you?

What's your ideal lover like?
-Taller that me, smart, and handsome

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?

Is this tag boring?
-second time with this 1

Is there anything that makes you happy these days?
- manga updates

What do you think of (the person who tagged you)
-my v.v.v.good friend
-she's somehow always smiling

I tag....
-sry dude, ran out of ppl, so manda again
-erich =3

Sunday, July 6, 2008

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
Tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

If your lover betrayed you, what would your reactions be ?
-Confront him. If he refuses to talk, kick him.

If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
-Again, know the ending of naruto

Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?
-Not really

Are you confused of what lies ahead of you?

What's your ideal lover like?
-Smart, good looking(duh and duh) and has a musical background

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?
-.......seriously, guys may read this blog so not telling

How far will you go for the one you love the most?
-lets wait until I find one. right now, its my closest friends, so.....maybe i'd give up my manga reading time XD

Is there anything that makes you happy these days?
-manga updates =D

What do you think of (the person who tagged you)
- -.-" amazingly tall
- from what christine says, she's super smart
- she is my kouhai

I tag....
- gummy bear(it's payback)
- doro
-briina =D im sorie, but i havn't tagged u yet

Limp, stumble, fall

Nowadays, I get a lot of cramps

It's like I'm 50 or something. Usually it happens when I wake up, or in the middle of the night.
I suddenly feel pain in my calf. Very gila painful. And then, i'd cry out to my family members(usually my bro, who's in the next room) for help. They'd just go 'haiya, its just cramps ma, it'll go away soon'. Yeah. Headaches also go away fast. But I still urut u, mom. Then they just ignore me(in pain) and go on with their business.

That's reaction no 1. Sometimes, I don't even dare to tell my parents. My dad will go,
" that's because you're so fat. Go exercise."
Yeah. Aren't they just soo caring?

So it happened this morning. I only told my bro. I am now limping around the house.

P.s: Am I THAT fat until can get cramps?! Is that even possible?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tagged by aaron

Yeah, aaron, you're not alone. I am also one of those who secretly wishes to be tagged. That's somehow sad. XD


1. What's your favorite anime at the present time?

D. Gray-man, definitely

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?

I'd like to fly. wheee~

3. How do you think about yourself?(shouldnt it be what?)

I am not gonna say crazy or weird. That would be too common. I prefer unusual. Oh, and a super manga otaku.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?

For some reason, Japan. I just really wanna go there

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?

Know the ending of naruto and d. gray-man. Oh, yeah, told u i was an otaku.

6. Do you have a crush now?

Not at present

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?

My mangas! and friends, =P

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

Shop, shop, shop

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

Nahh, that's embarassing

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you

-is a gummy bear
-rightly thinks himself as weird
-my friend

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?

Spiteful people

12. What is your ambition?

Travel the world

13. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?

Eh, both hurts. But i'd rather they point out.

14. What do you think is the most important in your life?

Cheesy, I know, but its my most trusted friends (i think you know who you are =D)

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?


16. What is the thing that you really want now?

I want money to shop, seriously!

17. Why does it hurt when you punch someone?

I never did. Except my bro. And it doesn't hurt. I leaves me satisfied XD

18. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?

Yeap, but i would prefer to keep it to myself

19. Are you hungry right now?

I'm always hungry

20. Do you think that this survey is totally useless?

Yeap, but entertaining though

People I tag.



-sarah jane

Of stuff and nonsense

Yeah, yeah, I haven't updated in AGES.
Sorry la, I opened my acc a few times, but was just too lazy, heee =D

It was on monday, I think. I was painting my kh kk and got silver paint all over my hand.
So I being the genius that I am, poured the cat thinner on my hand. And scrubbed away happily.
Then my bro came down. I asked him to pour more thinner. He did. Then he watched for a few seconds while i scrubbed away (i like the word scrub xD).

Bro: Hey, sis. Do you know that thinner's corrosive?
Me: *stares at bro* *looks down incredulously at hand* *stares at bro* (this went on for a few minutes) (hand starts burning up) You moron!! Why didn't you tell me earlier!?!
Bro: Well, I assumed you knew, since it's common knowledge.
Me: You assumed i knew? I poured a quarter of the bottle on my hand and you assumed i knew?!
Bro: What? I'm sleepy ba.
Me: It's 9.
Bro: Oh, yeah, haha, bye *runs away*

My hand went red. For the whole night.

I want more clothes. I have to work a bit for some money.
Then i'll beg my mum to bring me shopping :D