Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jemmy Hirst
1738 – 1829

Picture 1-84

If you thought the previous entries were eccentric, you are in for a surprise. Jemmy (James) Hirst was so famous an eccentric in his own time, that King George III summoned him to tea. When he received the invitation, Hirst declined – stating that he was training an otter to fish. Eventually he did visit the King where he threw a goblet of water over a courtier who was laughing; Hirst believed the man was having a fit of hysteria. The King gave him a number of bottles of wine from the royal cellar. Jemmy loved animals and he trained his bull to behave like a horse. The bull (named Jupiter) would draw his carriage about the village and Hirst even rode him in fox hunts. Instead of dogs, he used pigs that he had trained as hunt dogs. He regularly blew a horn to invite the poor to his home for free food – which was served out of a coffin. When he died, he requested 12 old maids to follow his coffin to the grave, as well as a bagpiper and a fiddler to play happy music.


He rode his bull on fox hunts.

This guy topped the list of "10 Incredibly Eccentric People" from

Today RC had an Annual General Meeting.

I took a lot of pics, but lazy to upload.

Anyway, it was fun, quite fun.

At the end, me, Chuen, Emm, Cynthia and Rachel ordered Mc Flurries through the Mc Donalds delivery service.


Augh, the post so short.

But I have tummy ache, so I don't really care.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chris' tag.

I've been meaning to do this tag for a while now, but everytime I got close to doing it, I got lazy. so here it is now.

10 icons that in my opinion, represent me.
What I look like when exam comes.
Like seriously. If we ever run out of steak, I'm gonna go terminator mode.
Need I say more?

What my face looks like when I see carrots. And peas. And oysters.
School is my personal Alcatraz. And unfortunately, I am neither Frank Morris nor John Anglin.
Food is food for my soul. And my body. 
I can't draw for used teabags. I drew a cat once, and my bro thought that it was a tyrannosaurus rex.
I like squishy toys. =D
And you know it too.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mierah is suffering badbadbad because her kerja kursus is not done yet.

Mierah acknowledges the fact that the reason she is suffering is not because of a series of unfortunate events, but rather because of her own laziness. 

Mierah thinks nana banana is one of the greatest friends you can ever get, and that people who do not know her are missing out on having one of the greatest friends ever. Mierah loves her lotslotslots. She helps Mierah with her geo KK. Yeah, Mierah loves her very lots.

Mierah loveslovesloves Daniel too, for giving her most of his KK. He is her cousin who is also form 3, do not misunderstand. 

---By the way, christine. The fact that my new header is a picture of a cow does not mean I agree with being the cow. I am the supreme ruler of the universe, thank you very much. And I am NOT a cow bent on world domination. I am an awesome person bent on world domination. I just happened to stumble upon that cow pic and fell in love with it. Isn't it the cutest thing EVER?--- 

Mierah also loveslovesloves Manda for photostating some stuff for Sej KK for Mierah.

Ah, waddaheck.

I love the whole world, 
It's such a brilliant place,

Sorry Eleena, I copy you. But it just seems so apt. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Halooooooo. I've realised that most of my posts nowadays are full of (enters).

-Like this.-

Yeah. So, excluding everything above, I'm gonna try to post without using the enter key. Muhahahaha. OMG so Hungryy. I love my kawan kawan kawan kawan. Happy birthday again nana. Soryyyyyyyyyyy I haven't bought you nethin yet. It shalt cometh soon. ADAM LAMBERT IS <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333.

Okay I can't live without the enter key.





... I am pissed. I'm searching for mangas on mangafox. And I clicked three mangas with interesting titles. And they all turned out to be YAOI. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVIILLLLLLLLLLLLL. It's alright to be gay and all, as long as you don't show me. *shiver*

Holy shit.
I typed a lot of stuff just now. Somehow it got deleted by blogger.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Happy Birthday Eleena!!!

You're 15!! You old lady!!

I wanted to post a pic, but I don't have any recent one of you =(


I wanted to stay up until 12 last night to post this but I fell asleep.

Ooh. Here's a belated birthday post.
I actually DID manage to stay up until midnight for this one.
But the internet crashed for the whole week for some reason.
And I forgot to post it after that cursed week.

Dude, like duh you know I love you mostmostmost.
Sorry the post so belated.

You gila girl you.

P.s: Did any of you notice that the new Black Eyed Peas song (Boom Boom Pow) sounds a LOT like shuffler music?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I still think he's the better singer.
Who cares if he's gay??
He's not your brother or your boyfriend is he?
It's not like it's gonna affect your life in some way.
He is still a damn good singer.
Waaaay better than Kris Allen.

Now Kris Allen.
He'll most probably end up like David Cook, whose full name I only remembered two days ago.
He's just another pretty-boy love song singer with a guitar.
He'll probably churn out a few songs then disappear.

But Adam! He sang whole lotta love!! I love this guy!!
And his madworld was cool too.
He sang with Slash, he sang with Kiss.
*sigh* I love this guy.

(Yeah, I'm biased cause he likes my fav band.)

...... I'm huuungrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Beef Teppanyaki!
Mushroom steak!
Blackpepper steak!
Any hunk of beef!
I need my beef!

Stupid kerja kursus.

Um, my results were baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
I'm too afraid to tell my parents.
I'm just gonna let teacher surprise them during hari permuafakatan.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna study for the next exam.
No use crying over spilt milk eh?

PI is one thing I absolutely refuse to study.
How  my bro scored 100 in that subject will forever be a mystery to me.

School is a bit boring nowadays. We just sit there in class doing nothing. Even if we do study, I don't pay attention anyway. Eleeeeena!! Where are you! There's only me and bree left during PI.
And teacher is making me do hafazan! I can't do it without your weird methods.

Oh. I'm mad.
My headphones aren't working.
I can't hear Yundi Li play.
(that guy's super awesome)

Urgh tummyache.

Babye <3

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hot springs!!!!


It's in Nagano.

Bathing with monkeys.

I SUPER WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh. I got over my emo bit.


Though my internet will probably be taken away.



Nowadays, I've been listening to classical music a lot.

Caprice of a night fairy <3

Stress ma.
The music helps me to relax.

And I've been playing greensleeves a lot.
Sometimes for one hour non-stop.

It helps to soothe my never-ending head aches.

I miss my panadol.
I've run out of stock.
I need panadol.


Just wow.

I got a 50 for sejarah.
69 for maths.
Yeah. 69. 
Some people go suicidal when they get that kind of marks.
69. How? Why?

Sejarah never mind la.
I've never been able to score on that subject anyway.
But math. MATH. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????
A B in math and a C in Sejarah. 
I'm a disgrace to my class.

Plus this is hari permuafakatan term.
Die la.

I'm just a stupid person.
I have no idea why I'm in my class anyway.
Pure luck.

I wonder what my mum will say?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am bored. So I'm gonna list the things that I wanna do:

1. Bathe in the springs in Japan. The ones in the mountains. Why? There're monkeys there!
Big red faced mokeys. OMG I SO WANNA BATHE WITH MONKEYS!! 

2. Ride a giraffe. Seriously though. You know the thingy that you put on the horse's head and you hold the leather string thing. HOW do you put in on the giraffe? Will it go on the neck?? Do I have to stretch my arm? Will there be a longer string? I wanna pull the giraffe's head. Hehe.

3. Make a giant grand piano. I wanna stand inside it while some poor person hops on the keys outside. I wonder what it's like? 

4. Live with the monks in Japan. OMG SO COOL!!!!! I bet they can teach me some long-lost ninja art!!!

5. Learn muay thai. Did you know? In that thai movie, Ong Bak, even though the storyline is crap, the fighting scenes are awesome!!! No, it's not all guns and muscles like Triple X. The lead actor, Tony Jaa, knows a forbidden muay thai technique. And he uses them in the movie. And what's so cool about muay thai is that unlike tae kwan do, which is a self-defense sport, muay thai is a killing sport. Yeah, they aim to kill. Every single move is for that one purpose only.
Which is cool, like total ahem.

6. Taste the (halal) pork flavouring that christine's bro will hopefully someday make. -Hey, i'm just curious. I'm curious about everything okay. I still wonder what it'll be like to live on an island with volcanoes and ostriches (childhood fantasy, don't ask).- If don't have, no need la. So get off my case. 

7. Learn how to play the Tom and Jerry theme song on the piano. 

8. Learn how to beatbox the bumblebee on the flute. (saw it on youtube, coolest thing ever)

I need to study now. Chow dudes. Will continues this list later.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I guess I'm gonna have to pull off an all-nighter to get through all that PI.

I hope I don't get sick.

In my opinion, this is gonna end in either one of the three scenarios.

1. I get sick. Skip exam. Hallelujah.
2. I fail because of headache because of lack of sleep.
3. I fail because I decided not to have an all-nighter and didn't finish studying.

So yeah.

Please, please, please let me get sick.

Whyy why didn't ustazah tell us earlier??
70+ babs.
Shit so screwed la.


I know I haven't updated in a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong while.
I have a lot of things I wanna post about.
But I'm too lazy. *shrugs*

Imma go stuudy.

Oh, btw,
This is like my first time studying hard for an exam.
I actually finished my sejarah and science.
You guys should see my parents.
Whenever they see me study, they smile like the joker.
Then they keep walking into the room just to see me study.
Then they sigh happily.


My family so funny.

Seriously though.
I'm like the laziest person on the planet.
And no, I'm not saying it cos everyone else is.
And I'm not doing that fake modesty crap either.
My science book (small one) is empty.
My science book (big one) only has one page of... stuff.

I haven't done Geo notes since the ... ukuran I think.
And I don't even bother about English anymore.
Oh, my PI book is empty too.

I rarely sleep in class, but I yawn a lot.
I daydream about hugging furry animals most of the time.
I hum songs during english, thumb wrestle myself during geo and daydream about me living in naruto-land during sej.