Sunday, August 31, 2008

Manda stole it from Tikah, I stole it from Manda.


Happy Merdeka!

It's 12.50 a.m.
The fireworks just ended.
Didn't see them though, just heard the echoing bangs.



Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is daddy's birthday!!

My mum bought a cake and his it in the fridge to surprise daddy during lunch.
After we yelled "surprise!!" daddy laughed and told us that my bratty sis told him already.

The whole family :D

Daddy and sis blowing the cake

The cake is exactly like mine. My mum took a liking to it, apparently :3

My sister was sulking because my mum wouldn't let her eat the cake before eating her lunch xD

I took a big piece and couldn't finish it. I swear, it looked small when I cut it.
I'm eating it right now while typing this :3


Friday, August 29, 2008


Today, we had the merdeka celebration. I'm too lazy to say anything, so I'll just post pictures with captions. :)
We got bored while the teacher was delivering a speech. Out came the handphones.

School choir. A bit blurry though. Can you spot val? xD

Jane-jane :3

Serene is shy. (Angeline is at the back there :P)

Hazel, me and Jane x3

Val and Shann

We were singing xD

Adeline was too hungry xD

Hazel :D

The music doesn't suit Lime's taste xD


Val loves Jane :3

Lol. Happy people xD

That's all! <3333



I want Ringo and Ikki

Go away Kururu!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

♥Air gear♥

Kazu is hot ♥



I know its one a.m. I just can't sleep.
I know i'm supposed to do corrections for PI.
But I hate school too much right now to give a damn.
I am in denial.
My marks are freakin low.
I am gonna die.

So I am now sitting in my bro's room reading national geographic next to his bed.
I swear, I have no life.

I feel a bit emo now.
Shit. That's not good.
Bad marks. It took me half a year to recover from last year's shock.

Feel like crying now.
Someone help me : (

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1. How do you pronounce your name?
♥Amirah (a-mi-rah) isn't it easy =D

2. Do you like anyone?
♥ *cough* maybe

3. Who was the last person to text you?
♥Bree =D

4. Who was the last person who really had make you laugh?
♥ Bro xD

5. Do you think your last ex deserves to die?
♥ Don't have one xD

6. Who was the last person you hung out with?
♥ Manda, Janey, and the rest of the gang

7. Who was the last person you talked to in person?
♥ Bro =3

8. Who was your last missed call on your cell phone?
♥ Bro x3

9. Do you drink tea?
♥ Every morning and evening xD

10. Are you happy?
♥ Yeap yeap xD *saaaraaah*

11. Is your room clean?
♥ Nope. Claustrophobics beware

12. Has anyone got on your nerves lately?
♥ Kinda

13. What was the last movie you saw and with who?
♥ .....Superman, i think. With bro =D

14. Do you watch a lot of tv?
♥ Yeeeaaahh. Fav hobby with bro.

15. What are you wearing?
♥ Shirt and shorts

16. Would you even dye your hair blonde?
♥Nope. looks so fake....

17. Last night, did you go to sleep smiling?
♥I was listening to adam kay and suman biswas, so yeah xD

18. Did you have a good day yesterday?
♥Yeap =D

19. Are you talking to anyone?

20. Do you have friends?
♥Uhuh =)

21. Last message and comment on friendster?
♥ ...Lucas, I think. I don't message xD

22. Status?
♥ Online?

23. Last song you heard?
♥ Whole lotta love -guns 'n' roses. (bro was listening to it so i listened along)

24. Who's the last person you hugged?
♥ Danniow xD

25. Anything bad happened today?
♥ Nope

26. Currently?
♥ Listening to songs with bro

27. What is the closest thing to you that is pink?
♥ bro's curtains HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

28. Is there a secret you never told your bestfriend?
♥ ........I dunno. Is there one?

29. Do you like to read?
♥ YEAH!!

30. Do you keep memories or try to forget them?
♥Some, i try to forget

I tag:
Abigail =)


Okays, so I'm sneaking online right now. Well, not exactly sneaking. My bro is right behind me. But he sneaks online too, so never mind.

Soo news, news

1. My bro is getting braces. Hear that, world? AMIR HAKIM, 16 of ST JOSEPH IS GETTING BRACES. Lol. I even mentioned the age.

2. I am SOOOOOOO dead. My marks are not that good. But, as my bro says "when you think you're mark sucks, remember that someone out there would kill for it". Uhuh. Genius, bro.

3. I'm still searching for camp pics. *stalks seniors' accs*

Speaking of camp, I forgot my towels, hangers, and pegs in the surau. So today, when I went to the sickroom, I found it there (the seniors moved it). So I took it back home. The hangers, pegs and small towel, I stuffed it into my bag. The big towel, I folded it and used it as a pillow for sleeping in english. Amazingly, teacher didn't notice me sleeping at all. xDD

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RCYU#8 Leadership Camp 2008

So this week I had a Leadership Camp at school, on Monday, Tuesday, and today, which is Wednesday. I just got back an hour ago, and the first thing I did was bathe. Ahh, shower!

So, my story:

1st day: Came to school at 7.30 a.m. Bro went to scouts camp at St Joe across the street. Registered myself, and I put(ted) my bag in 2A7. Then, we moved to the music room, and I had to drag my bag to the alley-thing between the library and the music room. Then, we moved again to surau. NGAH. How tiring. Then we went up to dewan, and through a game, we found out who our team members were.

My team, which is green, is called Togetherness.
The members are:

Rachel Remus (leader)
Sarah-Jane (assistant leader)
Esther Tiew
Vanessa (Yvonne)
Elizabeth Chong

Then we played treasure hunt

The stuff above the line, I wrote it on wednesday.
While typing, my mum called me. So I had to shut down the
comp and go to the airport. I just came back from KL, so I'll continue.

Continuing with the story, the treasure hunt was gila. Some of the seniors had clues. Felicia and Francoise CAN RUN LIKE HELL. They're seriously impossibble to catch, but we managed to anyway.

And then, we took turns taking bathing. While bathing, my glasses, toothbrush and bar of soap fell into the toilet bowl. I accidently flushed the soap, and a glass from my glasses (is that right?). The toothbrush, I used a plastic to take it and throw it away. EEEEEEEW.

I had the suspicion that we were going to have SAR (Search and Rescue) that night, so I called my mum and asked her to bring me to Hopoh to make a new pair as soon as possible.

Mum picked me up a few minutes later, and I ate KFC while waiting for the glasses. Mum walked me to the music room at school, and we saw Maryann standing in front of it. She told me that we were having SAR. Wow. So tepat.

I changed to my RC shirt and long pants and waited in the music room with the others. We were the second team. Lilian's was the first. While waiting, a form four student, who is a band member came in. She claims she was there to babysit us. xD. I think she's called Lippy. Anyways, I had a bet with her. I say the SAR will be at the padang in front of the school koperasi. She says it won't. The loser has to so ten push-ups. Ngah. It was held at a classroom. Crap, I shall avoid her untill she forgets.

I treated Francoise. It was.............. better than last time (I accidently stepped on a senior's slipper and she fell) . But still, I was reeeeaaally close to transporting her. We were about to carry her onto the stretcher, but then we were out of time. Oh well, I'll try better next time.
After that, I found out that Hazelyn and Amanda treated Francoise too. :D

The next day, we had a history talk, then obstacle course. At one of the obstacles, we had to sort a whoe container full of freakin small beads. Gah. Then, we had evaluation for SAR. Thank god mine wasn't that bad. xD. Then, it was performance night. Ahahahaha, not explaining that one.

Last day, we had a marching competition. Everyone did great! The seniors showed us their marching. It was sooooooo cool! How did they do that? It was so precise. I wanna march like that. xP

I went home two hours early to take a quick shower and change, then I went to KL.
KL will be in the next post. :D

Hope you enjoyed this one. I will got stalk around my senior's accounts for camp pictures, and upload them soon.

You may laugh all you want, but I shall never look at beads in the same way again.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures of my mum's clinic for Cass(i know you love me) xD

Went to my mum's clinic yesterday.
Took pictures for Cass.
Enjoy, Cass xD

Its a gun thing that gives out blue light. You wipe this paste on your teeth, and the blue light from the gun activates the chemicals. You can't look at the light. It's bad for your eyes.

The dental chair of doom. I can almost smell that awful medicine smell while typing this.

My mum wanted to check her teeth. So my daddy was doing it.
-that's my mummy's foot.

The counter

This is where I get my endless supply of Panadol xD.

The records. There's more down there. And there's another shelf.
=.= How complicated.

Mummy's office. Bro playing a kid's game with baby sis.

Now to my story.

Was supposed to go to basketball that day, but woke up late xD
After RC camp briefing, went to the clinic.
They wanted to polish my teeth. That's what nice about being a child of dentists. You get free treatment xD. It was kinda weird. My parents were like hovering over me, squinting at my teeth. Saying stuff like "her c4 is this, and her a7 is that". I didn't understand a thing. I had a cavity, and my mum drilled my teeth (you see Cass, that's why I'm somewhat traumatised about being a child of dentists).

Now here's some random pics from today.

Azian so CUTE!!!

TKD(Tae Kwan Do) xD

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Okay. Didn't mean to post three times.
But this is just too funny.

Jonathan Lee of St Joseph. Being........... well, you can see for yourself.

My bro took the picture. Was browsing through his files and found it.



I love my wacky auntie.

She's in her pyjamas. And she would kill me if she sees this.
But isn't she pretty? =D

She was posing for her caller id photo, btw.

Oh, people whose number I have. I'll be chasing you for your caller id photo.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah, hols!

Yeah! Holidays is FINALLY here!!

Next week is gonna be a busy one, with Leadership Camp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, my parents are picking me up from school and then we'll go straight to the airport. Then I'll go to KL for the rest of the week. =3 I'll go to coffeebean everyday and update xD.

Kay, so updates, updates.

Last week, my mum decided to clean the thingy above the........ the....... tempat masak. The one that sucks the smoke. At first she wanted to hire someone but she said that it was ridiculously overpriced. So it started with her dismantling the thing. The she groped inside this hole. And she felt something soft. She ran her hands along it. And she felt something long and slippery. It's almost like a tail. A rat's tail. UH-OH. *insert loud scream*

The mummified head-less rat.

The whole family ran to the kitchen. I thought she accidently chopped her hand off or something. that would be cool.
My curious baby sister.

My unfortunate bro was given the task of pulling the thing out. He tried, but it was stuck there. The rat was mummified and glued to the bottom of the hole with black oil muck. So my daddy had to use a piece of wood to scrape the rat off.

Poor daddy.

Btw, the pictures will be smaller after this, because they're taking too much space.
Back to the story.

My sister attacking my brother.
She was freaked out.

But still curious. xD

My dad succeeded in scraping the disgusting thing off. So now he and my bro have to somehow get it out . And they did. But the head was missing. ick

So poor bro and daddy spent almost 20 minutes looking for the head. I won't put a pic. It might make you sick.

This is daddy being daddy.

This is bro being weird. The thing in his gloved hand is the rat's head.

So my sis and I got disgusted. She dragged me to the dining table. Which is a foot away from my bro and dad's excavation site. I can smell the rat. My sis still had the appetite to eat.

And then she became vain.
This was taken right after he finished cleaning the thing.
He's disgusting, I know.
But he washed his hands first la.


Hope you enjoyed this post.
And you're welcome to spam my cbox.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm bored.
Supposed to be studying.
Need to finish Science and KH by tomorrow.
Guess I won't sleep tonight.

I need to study.
But the comp is on.
And its downloading stuff.
It humming softly.
To me, it's like bohemian rhapsody.

I'm sooo failing everything.

Will not post anything until Friday.

But the comp may tempt me again.
You never know.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh, woe is me

Today was weird.
Slept at four last night.
school+sleepyness+hot wceather
=One huge headache.

School was a pain.
Then I decided to go home.
When my mum came, Puan Chua talked to her for a while.
My mum told me that Puan Sita asked Puan Chua to ask my mum if I was really sick. Puan Sita thought that I was lying since I was tugging my fringe. Apparently when people lie, they try to cover their eyes. Well, I'll try to keep that in mind. F.Y.I, It's a habit for me. I like tugging my fringe. It's a better habit than picking my nose, isn't it?

Neways, my mum thought the reason why I got headache was because my fringe was too long. Right after picking me up, she brought me to the saloon near what used to be Choice Gita and insisted that I cut my fringe. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

So now my fringe is short. *sniff* I look like a nerd. NEEEEEEEEEEEERD

*sniff* mummy how cruel.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm thinking about what Brina said...
Hrm... maybe I am a show-off
So why you still read? You... you.... penguin!

I wanna see you phoneeeeeee


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today was BLOODY HOT

Monday, August 4, 2008


I know, I know. 3rd post of the day.
So I have no life. None of your business.
Though if you actually only mind your own business you won't be here reading this blog.
So maybe you don't have a life.

Lol, jk, jk. Don't kill me :p

I brought some birthday cake to school today.
Which reminds me, I haven't shown you my cake yet

Okay, so it was chocolate fudge. You can see my hand there.
Actually the original picture had me inside it.
I looked like a hairless gorilla retarded so I cropped it.