Friday, December 4, 2009


I haven't updated for so long.
Like sooooooo long.

Neither did chris, but she cheated.

I've been reading all these classic and fantasy novels that I've started to speak english weird.
I said thou art to my sis.
Now I'm reading mindless bimbo novels to get my english modern again.

OOOOOOH I have BIG news.
My parents FINALLY think that I'm big enough to take care of myself.

Now I'm allowed to walk to the library, Choice Super Mall and anywhere I want actually, as long as it's within a 3 km radius of our house.
And of course, as long as I'm with bro.

My parents also allowed me to go watch movies alone with friends.
So I went out that day with Leena, Chris, Al and Chooey.

When my mum said yes, I kinda stopped and was like What??? Repeat???

So shocked beyond reason I tell you.

But I dunno if I can go out again =(
I can't push them too far.

Have to take baby steps, lol.

Anyway, going to KL soon.
Worked for my mum, so got a bit of money to spend.
So happy.
I was seriously broke, like only 50 bucks left for the rest of the hols.

THANK GOD my mum was in a generous mood.

I just read DGM.
I lovelovelovelove DGM.
DGM is awesomeee.
As soon as the series ends, I'm, gonna go kill Katsura Hoshino.
The mere mention of her name annoys me so much.
But her manga is just too genius!!!

Betsy the cao wants steak.
Betsy hasn't spoken to Bil for so long.

Un Sospiro i love!!!!