Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
OMG so sad.

I cry liao.
First time I cried this whole year, and because of a movie.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


My bro went to watch transformers yesterday.
Wanted to follow, but was to chicken to ask parents since it was right after report card day.
Never mind la.
Next week my cousin bringing me to watch.

Love you kak Wana!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and Belly B's

So, I bet you all have heard by now that Michael Jackson's dead.
Poor guy.
I really like his song thriller.

Moving on to happier topics,

Don't you guys find belly buttons disturbing?
(Okay, maybe not a happy topic, but hey, it's not sad either.)
I mean like. It's a hole. On your tummy. With no use whatsoever.
It's like someone or something gouged out a chunk of flesh from your tummy.
It's weird. And to think that it used to be a hole. And that there was a tube there.
Very disturbing.

Yeah, weird.

Anyway, today was hari permuafakatan.
I hantar my bro to school with dad at 7, then go eat at kopi-o-korner. There, I saw St Joe students ponteng-ing. I know some of them. Tsk tsk. A bit before eight, dad and I set off to St 3. On our way to 3A1, we met Eleena and her mummy. We were the first two students to come. Then teacher asked me and Nana to go get drinks for the parents at the teacher's room. When we came up, Leena's mummy was already talking to teacher. Then when it was my turn, Ally came with her mummy and sat next to me and my daddy. The teachers were showing our parents our Segak scores, and we both got C. LOL.

Today wasn't that bad.

When I got home, I was forced to do math, but that was it.
A bit of scolding+nagging, but nothing much.

I expected my parents to blow up and send me to some boarding school in some mountains far far away where I'd be forced to milk goats and herd sheep for KK marks.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next year, a lot of people are leaving.
Leaving school,
Leaving Kuching,
Leaving me.


This reminds me of Sarah.
I feel sad =(

I miss you sarah!!

In a very good friend-way.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am dreading school.
Ugh the boredom of listening to teachers droning on and on and on about something or other.
Ugh the humid hot weather.
Ugh homework.
Ugh learning.

I only go to school for the food.
Fine. Friends too.
And because mumsy forces me to go.
Eh, wait. The goverment is the one who made school compulsory.

Only one kerja kursus left.
Working hard working hard.

Does anyone besides me thinks that Lily Allen's songs are like an acid trip?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ellooo lovies.

I'm finally back in kuching!!

Couldn't blog in Penang cos no free wireless at the hotel.
57 bucks for a day, what the hell.

At least there was a games room there. Played the football thing with dad.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand aaaaaaaaaaaand
On the beach summore.
Very nice le. If only the beach didn't smell like rotten fish and oil.

The beach there is naaaaasty.
Dunno why got so many arabians.
Can go parasailing or whatever its called there.
The arabian ladies do it while wearing their burkas(the black cloth they use to cover themselves).
My bro and I were like .........dude, awesome.

My sis made friends with this little blonde british girl called Sophie.
She's sooo cute!

Then my dad took me and my bro on a ferry ride.
Kinda dumb actually.
We drove all the way to Seberang Perai only to ride a ferry back to the island.
It was still fun though. The wind on the ferry was like WHHHHHHOOOOOOSH.

Then my dad brought me and my bro to some hill I forgot the name.
The view from the top was awesome.
We went up using a train.
Yeah, up a mountain.
Almost 180 degrees.
Though not that steep.
Maybe 145?

Anyway, the train was mad slow.
Like 60cm per minute.
I kid you not.
It was cramped like the LRTs in KL, with only 4 seats in each cabin.
So most people were standing.
Go up a mountain again.
The ride lasted 30 minutes.
If it wasn't for the breathtaking view and the cool mountain air, I would have jumped out of the window.

Theeeeeen dad brought my bro and me to The Ship.
Which is a steakhouse.
Conveniently located a block away from our hotel.
So we just walked there.

The next day we went to KL.

So beh la.
My bro and I can't stand the MAS smell.
But my parents like using MAS cos we get to wait and land in KLIA.
So, the whole trip, we went on an aeroplane four times.
All mas.
From Kuching to KL,
From KL to Penang,
From Penang to KL,
From KL to Kuching.

So by the time we landed in Kuching my bro and I were like HALLELUJAH.
Like seriously.
MAS aeroplanes have this *ugh* smell.
I have no idea what it is.
When we were kids, my bro and I used to bring candy wrappers on board and sniff them the whole journey just to not smell that *ugh* smell.
We really really really hate the smell.

We stayed at KL for only one night. -.-
Arrived at our hotel at 12 p.m saturday and flew back at 12 p.m sunday.
That was.. a very uneventful trip.

My parents wanted to eat at some restaurant and the ground floor, but my bro and I wanted to eat at Carl's Jr. which is at the top floor.
So my parents gave us some money for the food and left us there.
We were supposed to join our parents once we were done, but there my bro had other plans.
That idiot.
There was an indian convention hosted at the top floor.
And he wanted to go there.
Goodness knows why.
I was like.
"Are you like um.... STUPID?"
He then promised to give me ten bucks if I followed him there.
So I did.

It was kinda weird.
It was packed full of indians of course.
There was this indian girl singing on stage.
And they were selling stuff.
And they were doing some indian stuff.
They were talking the indian language which I forgot what it was called.
And there were very few people who were not indian there.
And the people there were like staring at us.
And I felt like diving into the saris sold at this one stall. (they were glittery)

Then daddy called us.
So we went outside.
I wanted to go to coffee bean, so we were going downstairs.
Then, we passed by a Nike shop.
You see, my daddy is obsessed with the brand.
Everytime he near a Nike shop he MUST go there.
So he dragged us into the shop.

And no, he doesn't buy the weird patterned ah beng-ish sweaters.
Just shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, caps, and bags for his sport equipments.
In short, my dad is crazy.

And he bought my bro a pair of shoes.
A very expensive pair of shoes.
But too bad for him, his money's wasted.
My bro hates, despises, shoes.
Especially ones with laces.
He's probably never gonna wear it unless forced.

My dad spoils my bro.
When my bro needed a shirt for his class dinner, dad brought him to the Spring and bought him a shirt from Bonia.
When I wanted clothes for a dinner, he brought me to upwell. -.-
We ended up buying chocolates.

Typed the above the day I got back from KL.
Saved it, but forgot to post it. Sorry, heh.

Um, baked choc chip cookies yesterday, and cinnamon cookies today.
Bro rated my choc chips 7/10. 8/10 for the cinnamon.
I love bro.


Sometimes I wish I hada mom who would listen and actually care about my problems.
I guess Eleena's my mum now.
Manda would be my dad cos she listens to my problems too..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday, 12.30 p.m

Flight got delayed. =(
Went to Coffee Bean while waiting for plane to arrive.
Ironically, they were out of coffee.
That's like KFC without chicken or Pizza Hut without pizza.
The place is called Coffee Bean for god's sake.
Wanted to buy cake, but there was a cockroach in the cake display case?/fridge.

Then Breena came. Her flight was the same time as mine, but different airline.
So we took out our laptops and played around. (Mine's the smaller one.)
After arriving at KLIA, we stayed there for one hour to eat and go toilet and all.
Then we set off to Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Daddy's hometown ma, balik kampung. On the way, there was an accident. A collision between a porton and a taxi. Almost half of the taxi was gone. The front half, thank god. No one died, I think, but a few were seriously injured. Ambulance came just as we were passing by.

This is Dell. No, he in not named after the computer brand. His real name is Kerdil. But Dil doesn't look nice, so Dell la. He's called Kerdil because last time he was so tiny. His hobby is gnawing on people's hands. He likes to pounce on me too. It doesn't really hurt when he bites, but looks scary. He likes to scratch too. Doesn't hurt. But still. He's like the favourite cat of everyone. No idea why. My sis adores him. Tuesday.

This is a little kitten I found next to my grandaunt's kopitiam. I gave it a bit of my beef rendang. My bro said it looks like a drug addict. So skinny. Poor kitty.
The adik was too scared to come close. The other one was too hungry to care.
I gave the adik a huge lump of beef. And now it agaks me whenever I go there to eat. That's the mummy. The mummy likes me. =)

This is the very old jalan kereta api. I didn't have time to take a good pic of the train station. =( Maybe this afternoon la.

I wanted to pics of the animals here, but didn't have a chance. Maybe next time.

I got a rash okay.
Cos I couldn't stand the heat.
Yeah, waaaaay hotter than Kuching.

Mosquitoes here damn big also.

Thank god for uncle Hock Huen's store and his endless supply of mosquitoe coils.

My grandaunt's beef rendang with pulut with teh ais is the best in the world.

Driving to Penang tomorrow.