Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The moo is back.

ohohohohohoohohohohohohoho *hyper mode*
I am now practically almost a high school graduate! After 11 years of a monotonous, repetitive life, I can now be spontaneous and fill my days with stuff like sleeping, and eating, and bathing, and reading. AAAND THEN AAND THEEEN when i'm feelin all wild and crazy, I'll go get me some McD's.

Random picture of the day, last-day-of-school-OHOHOHO picture of me and my friends, taken by this girl right here. I'm the nearly balding one on the right. Seriously, aren't all asians supposed to have awesome thick hair like Aishwarya Rai?? It feels like god forgot to sprinkle his magic awesome hair sparkly dust on me. What's that? God doesn't discriminate nor forget you say? Then Chris must have stolen my magic hair dust since i'm shedding hair like an obese persian (cat).

Anyway on to the unofficial compulsory list of things imma do during the 9-month (or so) gap between now and college.

Number 1.

Number one is quite simple to any normal teenager out there. It's all about the games. Games like Skyrim up there or example. Or maybe

Final Fantasy XII. But of course, let's not forget the mother of all games,

the pokemon.

By now, you all probably imagine I look like this.

Don't be ridiculous *hand flip*. THIS is what I really look like,

I googled fabulous cow and this is what I got. Is it even a real?

SECOND. Is book and books and books and some more books.

Third is bake bake and bake some more.

Fourth is watch ALL the studio ghibli movies

Got lazy to load pics *cough*

One more paper to go, English for Science and Technology.
The subject that sounds impressive but really is just an upgraded version of English.
I will slay you like a level 5 pidgey!

I will get back to my final fantasy nao. Here's a little parting gift.



Sabrina said...

What are you talking about? Your hair is thick and fab!

Mierah said...

Did you notice i was referring to your cats? Okayla they not obese but when i hug them whoosh! i become yeti =D